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Symposium: Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Facilities

Date: May 13, 2010

Background: Designing and renovating facilities that are both sustainable and secure presents challenges, but it can be done. Speakers from government, academia, and the private sector will identify areas of synergy, potential conflicts, and tradeoffs among security and sustainability approaches. They will highlight ways to achieve balanced design solutions that will minimize environmental impacts and ensure the health, safety, security, and comfort of building occupants. New initiatives related to disaster resiliency, a research agenda for sustainable, secure materials, and for a sustainability curriculum will also be presented.


8:30 a.m.

Welcoming Remarks
Douglas Hall, Office of Protection Services, Smithsonian Institution
Linwood Rose, President, James Madison University

8:45 a.m.Keynote: Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Facilities
Barbara Nadel, Principal, Barbara Nadel Architect
9:30 a.m.Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities
Austin Smith, Executive Director, Interagency Security Committee
10:30 a.m.Department of Homeland Security Headquarters: A Case Study
Arnold Hill, General Services Administration, and Michael Hill, Honeywell Corporation
11 a.m.Improving Security and Sustainability at the Pentagon
Ralph Newton, Retired Director, Defense Facilities Directorate, Department of Defense
11:30 a.m.Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce: A Curriculum for Sustainability
Ronald Kander, Director, School of Engineering, James Madison University
1 p.m.Federal Energy Management Program
Richard Kidd, Director, Federal Energy Management Program
 The Role of Smart Buildings: Improving Energy Efficiency with Integrated Controls
Geoffrey Prosch, Johnson Controls
1:45 p.m.Defining and Understanding Disaster Resilience for Individual Types of Infrastructures
Mark Steiner, The Infrastructure Security Partnership
2:15 p.m.High Performance Buildings and Disaster Resiliency
Steve Skalko, Codes and Standards Department, Portland Cement Association
3 p.m.Developing a Research Agenda for Sustainable, Secure Building Materials
Mary Ellen Hynes, Director of Research, Infrastructure and Geophysical Division,
Department of Homeland Security
3:30 p.m.Role of the Federal Protective Service in Providing Security, Safety, and Sustainability
Gary Schenkel, Director, FPS
4 p.m.Closing Remarks