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Public Policy Forum: Getting to a Sustainable Portfolio of Federal Facilities


Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Capitol Visitors Center
Room – SVC 212
Co-Sponsored by the International Facility Management Association and the Federal Facilities Council of the National Research Council

9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks – Tony Keane, Executive Director, International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and Peter Marshall, Chair, Federal Facilities Council
9:15 John Simpson – Implementation of the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010
9:45 The Honorable Thomas Carper (D-DE)
10:00 Deb Estes, Staff Director, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
10:15 The Honorable Jeff Denham (R-CA) Chair, Public Buildings Sub-Committee, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
10:30 The Honorable Russ Carnahan, Co-Chair – High Performance Buildings Congressional Caucus
10:45Get Moy – Forthcoming National Research Council Report on Predicting Outcomes of Maintenance and Repair Investments for Federal Facilities
11:05 The Honorable Pete Sessions (R-TX) House Rules Committee
11:20 Sarah Slaughter?NRC report Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities: Strategies and Approaches for Transformational Change
11:45 Closing Comments/ Questions

Congress John Culberson
Patty Murray Tax Council