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FFC/US Courts Forum on Emerging Standards on Facilities Management

Agenda for Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 Emerging International Standards on Facilities Management Federal Facilities Council/Administrative Office of the U.S Courts

Participants Meet in the Auditorium of the Federal Judicial Center at 1:00 p.m.

Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, One Columbus Circle, NE, Washington, D.C.

1:00 [15 min]
Welcome and Who’s Here?
Judie Cooper, CFM, Chair Federal Facilities Council’s Committee on Workforce and Management Practices
Attorney-Advisor, Space and Facilities, AOUSC, Member, USTAG/ISO/TC 267 FM
1:15 [15 min]
Purpose of Conference
1.   Public-Private Partnership in Standards Development
2.   Private-Sector Consensus Standards in the U.S.
3.   Envisioning Facility Management Standards  
Getting Started
1:30 [30 min]
Appreciating the Needs and Taking the Steps
1.      International Facility Managers Association (IFMA)
2.      ISO/ANSI/USTAG Members
3.      Participating and Observing Countries                                                  
James P. Whittaker, President/CEO
Facility Engineering Associates, Head of Delegation/Chair, USTAG/ISO/TC 267 FM
2:00 [30 min]
Where’s ISO/TC 267 Been & Where We’re Going
 1. Objectives
 2. Working Groups
 3.  Plenary Sessions
Jay Drew, State of Connecticut
Laverne Deckert, IFMA – Mgr. Research & Standards
Booz Allen Hamilton
Asset Managers, Federal Space and Facilities
2:30 [30 min]
Organizations, Missions and Assets
1.      Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
2.      U.S. Department of State
3.      Smithsonian Institution
John Myers, Facilities Program Manager, AOUSC
Office of Facilities Management
Director, Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations


Break Time
3:00 [15 min]
Asset Managers, US Military Services
3:15 [30 min]
Organizations, Missions and Assets
1. U.S. Army
2. U.S. Navy
3. U.S. Air Force
Philip R. Columbus, General Engineer, Office of Assistant Chief Staff for Installation Management
Steven R. Beattie, Project Line Leader, FM&S, NAVFACHQ
Donald M. Boone, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau
Asset Managers, Private-Sector Space and Facilities
3:45 [35 min]
Organizations, Missions and Assets
1.      Chevron
2.      CBRE
3.      Jones Lang LaSalle
4.      Studley
Casey Martin, Project Manager
Patrick Andriuk, Alliance Director, Public Institutions & Education Solutions
Chris Pesek, Director of Integrated Facilities Management
James M. Reidy, Senior Managing Director
Asset Managment, Associations
4:20 [25 min]
Organizations, Missions and Assets
1. International Facility Managers Association
2. Society of American Military Engineers
3. APPA – Leadership in Educational Facilities  
Jeff Johnson, Director – IFMA External Affairs
Stacey K. Hirata, Chair, National SAME Facilities AssetManagement Committee
John F. Bernhards, APPA Associate Vice President
Afternoon Summary & Questions
4:45 [15 min]
What are Your Questions?
Jim Whittaker
Conference Ends