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The Defense Materials, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Standing Committee

Within the scope of the National Academies, the general purpose of the Materials, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Standing Committee shall be the advancement of materials science and engineering, manufacturing and infrastructure issues in the national interest.

Many of the issues that the Department of Defense will need to address within the next several years are systems based complex problems. Of these problems, those that are being addressed by this committee includes significant issues regarding materials, manufacturing, and infrastructural activities, related to a military focus on personnel, platforms, facilities and the manufacturing / industrial base, with transfer of relevant technologies to the commercial sector as appropriate. These issues will be affected by understanding the interactive role of materials, manufacturing and infrastructure which include, but are not limited to: maintaining technological superiority; creating energy efficient, high performance and sustainable platforms; assuring a safe, healthy, and energy efficient infrastructure; securing the safety of facilities and ports and assessing the critical availability and timeliness of the processes that provide our defense materials, parts, and products. Informed approaches to addressing these issues, although assessed from a defense focus, will enable the nation to more effectively sustain technological leadership, as well as to maintain safety of people within the national and private facilities, enhance infrastructural well-being and improve the health of manufacturing.