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Special Projects




Making Sense of Ballistic Missile Defense: An Assessment of Concepts and Systems for U.S. Boost-Phase Missile Defense in Comparison to Other Alternatives (2012)




Experimentation and Rapid Prototyping in Support of Counterterrorism (2009)




Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons (2005) 

Making the Nation Safer: The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism (2002) **A special project of the National Academies**


Symposia on Naval Hydrodynamics (1978-2005)


  • Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture Series (1983-2005)
  • International Science Lecture Series (1990-2000) **Operated As A Special Project with the NRC's CPSMA**


Advanced Epitaxy for Future Electronics, Optics, and Quantum Physics (2000)
Dr. Arthur C. Gossard, University of California, Santa Barbara

Aspects of Weather and Space Weather in Earth's Upper Atmosphere: The Role of Internal Atmospheric Waves (1997)
Dr. Michael C. Kelley, Cornell University

Implementation Challenges for High Temperature Composites (1997)
Dr. Anthony G. Evans, Princeton University

Traffic Management for High-Speed Networks (1997)
Dr. H.T. Kung, Harvard University

Computing, Communication, and the Information Age (1997)
Dr. John E. Hopcroft, Cornell University

New Materials: Fountainhead for New Technologies and New Science (1995)
Dr. Rustum Roy, Pennsylvania State University

The Heard Island Experiment (1990)
Dr. Walter H. Munk, University of California, San Diego

 International Hydrodynamics Conferences (1978-1993)
The Charles H. Davis Lecture Series (1979-1988)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Problem Solving (1985)
Science and the Future Navy: A Symposium (1977)
In Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Office of Naval Research