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Receiving a Jefferson Science Fellowship is considered a significant honor, both for the individual, and for their academic institution. The JSF award is structured as a partnership between the U.S. STE academic community and the U.S. Department of State designed to meet the challenges of science and technology in foreign policy.

To formalize the respective responsibilities of that partnership, a Jefferson Science Fellowship/Memorandum of Understanding (JSF/MOU) must be executed between the participating academic institution at which the applicant holds a tenured position and the National Academy of Sciences. The JSF/MOU stipulates the conditions of the Jefferson Science Fellowship for the Fellow, the academic institution, and the National Academy of Sciences. The MOU must be in place for an applicant to be considered as a finalist. Please note that the MOU, once executed, is valid for future applicants from the academic institution.

More than 150 universities have executed a JSF/MOU since the program's inception.   

* Please email to determine if your institution currently holds and MOU, and/or to request a copy of your institution's JSF/MOU. 

For Applicants
We recommend that all applicants, whether their university does or does not hold a JSF/MOU at this time, discuss the conditions of the Jefferson Science Fellows award with all necessary parties at their university before applying.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the MOU has been completed before the final stage of the JSF selection process. Applicants who are selected as finalists, but do not have an MOU in place from their university are not eligible for further consideration. JSF program staff can assist with the completion process, but applicants must initiate and ensure completion of the process with their university/institution. We recommend that applicants begin the process as early as possible during the application period.

If your university does not currently hold a JSF/MOU with the National Academy of Sciences and you would like to initiate one, contact

For Universities
Universities should execute a JSF/MOU in anticipation of faculty submitting applications in the current application cycle or in future application cycles. Contact to initiate the process.

If your university currently holds a JSF/MOU, we encourage you to notify faculty of the opportunity or nominate faculty to serve as a Jefferson Science Fellow. Any nomination process will be internal to your institution; however, if you would like recruiting materials, the JSF program office would be happy to assist you. Please contact with your institution's specific needs.