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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Policy and Global Affairs
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June 17, 2019
Policy Fellowship Application Launch  

June 18, 2019
Women in the Innovation Ecosystem: A Workshop on Women and Entrepreneurship
Irvine, CA


About Policy and Global Affairs

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Our Mission

The mission of Policy and Global Affairs is to help improve public policy, understanding, and education in matters of science, technology, and health with regard to national strategies and resources, global affairs, workforce and the economy. The division is particularly charged to identify and build synergy among the disciplines and issue areas, and to promote interaction among science, engineering, medicine and public policy. The division includes a range of standing committees and boards concerned with the vitality of the research enterprise in the US and abroad. In that connection, the units of the division focus particularly on the interaction of key institutions central to science and technology policy, on the standing of US research around the world and cooperation with Science & Engineering bodies in other countries, on the mission and organization of federal research activities, and on the sources of future manpower and funding for research.

PGA Committee (See Members)

The PGA Committee is entrusted with the oversight of the work of the division, with responsibility specifically for: (1) articulating intellectual and strategic goals for the division; (2) providing direction on emerging issues and new developments in S&T policy; (3) performing strategic reviews of the underlying Boards and standing committees on a regular basis; (4) reviewing Board composition and approving new Board member nominations; (5) strengthening connections between the Academies and the programs of the division; and (6) serving as a resource to the division staff by participating in division activities and the review process, identifying other potential participants, and interacting with relevant professional communities.

Our Themes

Mobilizing Experts, Advancing Global Policy

PGA mobilizes experts and networks in the United States and around the world to increase the use of evidence to advance local, national and global policy and capacity. PGA work is organized around four themes:

  1. U.S. Science and Innovation Policy (Policy); Informing Policy in Support of a Healthy and Competitive U.S. Science, Technology and Innovation System
  2. International Networks and Cooperation (Networks); Enhancing International Networks and NASEM Bilateral Relations
  3. Global Policy and Development (Global); Promoting Evidence to inform Global Issues and Development Policies
  4. Science and Engineering Capacity Development (Capacity); Developing Scientific and Engineering Capacity in Institutions and Mobilizing Human Resources