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NRC Research Associateship Programs (RAP)
Review and Award Category Descriptions



When the NRC review is complete, the status of your application will be one of two categories:

NRC Review Complete - This means that your application passed the NRC review, making you eligible to be further considered for an award. You will be able to see your review score and reviewers' comments on your application. The agency to which you applied will generally make award decisions within 6 to 8 weeks from the time the review is finalized, although in some cases it may take longer. Award decisions are based on your rank among other applicants and the availability of funding. The Fellowships Office is not able to provide you with details regarding the status of these funding decisions. 

Not Recommended by NRC Panels - Your application was reviewed by NRC panels and based on an established cutoff, your average score was below that required to be considered for an award. As a result, you cannot be considered for a Research Associateship award at this time and must wait one year before reapplying. You will be able to see your review scores and reviewers' comments on your application.


When award decisions are made by the sponsoring agency, applicants who passed the NRC review will see the status change to one of two categories:

NRC Offered Award - The agency to which you applied has authorized you to receive an award. You have been, or will be, contacted by the Fellowships Office with award details.*

No Offer - Award Not Authorized by Lab
 - The agency to which you applied is not able to offer you an award at the present time. You may reapply to any NRC Research Opportunity in any subsequent review cycle. 

*Note that award offers will come from the Fellowships Office directly, except for awards for NIST. NIST applicants will be notified directly by the agency.