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2015 November Review

Application period opens
September 1

Submission deadline is 
November 1

(5:00 PM ET)

Support document deadline is November
(5:00 PM ET)

If a deadline falls on a weekend, it changes to the next business day.


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Electronic Travel Expense Report Instructions
The National Academies now supports a web-based reimbursement system. Associates who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents must use the web-based system at this time (nonresident aliens should continue to use the TER in Excel format). To request reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses, go to

Signing in and Setting up your Account

Your user name is "A" plus your Associate ID # (i.e. The Associate ID number is listed on your award letter and approved Travel Authorization form; contact your Program Coordinator if you are unable to locate that number. Your initial password is 'welcome.' You will be prompted to change your password the first time you access your account. 

Starting a New Expense Report

To create a new expense report, click on "Expense" (the 2nd tab underneath the Concur logo) and then "New Expense Report." (You may see other reports listed. These are expense reports that you previously created in this system.) Complete the requested report information. You must complete all fields with a red bar on the left. After you complete the information, click "Next" at the bottom of the screen.

Your travel code can be found on your approved TA.

A page will appear asking for your itinerary information. First enter your travel from your home to your meeting. (For International travel you may have multiple itineraries; please include all.) Second enter your return travel from your meeting to your home. Use AM and PM to designate the times for your flights. Please enter the time you left your home or your hotel to arrive at the airport. E.g. if your flight is at 12:00pm and it takes 30 minutes to arrive at the airport you may enter 9:30am. Once you have entered all itineraries for this trip, click "Save Itineraries" and then "Next" at the bottom of the screen. Now you are ready to enter your out of pocket expenses.

Enter your out of pocket expenses from your receipts. The easiest way to enter expenses is to click the category on the right and enter your expenses. All expenses are subject to a reasonableness test. If the "Total Expenses Included In Per Diem" exceeds the allowed per diem, amount expenses may or may not be reimbursed.

a. Do not use dollar signs ($).
b. A "transaction date" is the date the bill was paid. E.g., if you stayed in a hotel on June 15-16 and checked out on the 17th, the transaction date is the 17th.
c. If the Academies paid any expenses, skip that category. However, if you paid for your own hotel, you must itemize the room and taxes. For international travel, room rates and taxes are combined. The form is designed to provide conversion rates where necessary.
d. Itemized receipts for lodging, airfare, car rental, gas, etc.
e. An actual dollar amount must be entered for each meal. 

Attaching Receipts

Itemized receipts for any expense $75 or more, as well as all receipts for lodging, airfare, car rental, and gas, must be attached. You may attach receipts in 2 ways: In the upper right, click on "Receipts." You may then attach receipts you already have scanned to your computer. Alternatively, click on "Print" and print the fax cover page. Use this page as your cover page and fax receipts; those receipts will attach to your expense report. Please follow instructions on how to fax on the fax cover page.

Completing your Expense Report

After you have entered all your out-of-pocket expenses, the actions you have taken will automatically save, so you can Log Out at that time. IMPORTANT: Please send an email to stating that you have completed your expense report. Your expense report will not be processed until this email is received.

Do NOT hit the submit button (for accounting use only).

You can view your expense report in various formats. Simply click on "View" and choose a format. To view the total amount of reimbursement requested, click on "Details, Totals." 


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 Need help? Call the Travel Office at 202-334-2710 or email us at