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2014 May Review

Application period opens
March 1

Submission deadline is 
May 1

(5:00 PM EST)

Support document deadline is May
(5:00 PM EST)

If a deadline falls on a weekend, it changes to the next business day.


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RAP Conference Registration Request Instructions

If you are planning to attend an upcoming conference and the registration fee is $250 or more, the NRC can pre-pay for your registration fees to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. To request conference registration through the NRC, you must first submit a Travel Authorization form to your NRC Program Coordinator with approval signatures from your Adviser and your Laboratory Program Representative (LPR). Once you have received notification of travel approval, you must submit to a completed “NRC Associate Conference Registration Request” form found in the link below. These forms must be submitted at least three weeks before the registration deadline (whether early registration or regular registration).

NRC Associate Conference Registration Request form

For the NRC to complete your registration online, you must complete all applicable sections on the NRC Associate Conference Registration Request form. It is likely that the online conference registration form will have additional fields not listed on the NRC form; if so, please list the question(s) and answer(s) in the 'Additional information' section. Once you have completed the form, send it as an email attachment to

 Please note that if for some reason you choose not to attend the conference after submitting the form to the NRC, the registration fee will still be deducted from your NRC travel funds. The NRC will only pay for costs associated with the conference registration; membership dues are not covered, and any workshops or seminars that you would like to attend during the conference must be approved by your adviser and LPR with a Travel Authorization form.