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NRC RAP Conference Registration

If you are planning to attend a professional conference and the registration fee is $250 or more, NRC RAP can pre-pay your registration fee to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Registration for workshops or seminars that you would like to attend during the conference may also be paid as part of registration.


Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Please note that we do not allow additional expenses associated with:
  • Membership dues/fees
  • Luncheons and receptions not included in the registration fee
  • Books, including bound abstracts and proceedings or CD-ROMs not included in the registration fee
  • Tours and optional attractions
  • Registration expenses of a spouse and/or dependent family member(s)
Please note that if you do not attend the conference after submitting the form to the NRC RAP, the registration fee will still be deducted from your NRC RAP travel funds.


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