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Permanent scientific staff employed at agencies which sponsor an NRC Research Associateship Program are eligible to be Research Advisers. Prior to applying, prospective Research Advisers should read the Criteria for Nominating Research Advisers and the Guidelines for Research Advisers.

To become a new Research Adviser, you must complete a Research Adviser Nomination Form and submit it through the Laboratory Program Representative (LPR). 

Under certain circumstances, non-federal employees may serve as Research Advisers if:

  1. They are working under long-term contract at the sponsoring agency.
  2. They meet all other criteria for Research Advisers.
For the nomination of non-federal employees, a Laboratory Assurance Statement must accompany the Research Adviser Nomination Form.

Additional information for new Research Advisers can be found in the following documents: 

  • The Application Process Flowchart provides an overview of the application and review processes for the NRC Research Associateship Programs.
  • The Award Process Flowchart provides an overview of the awards process from the time an Associate starts to their end of tenure.                  

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