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ICWIP 2020: Call for Delegation Team Leaders
The IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics (WiP) is planning the next IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWiP) in 2020. The conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from July 20--23, and will mark the 7th ICWiP since 2002. Preliminary information about the conference is available at

The Women in Physics working group is looking for three individuals to serve as team leaders for the United States delegation to ICWiP 2020. Selected team leaders will be expected to 1) write a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support activities of the U.S. delegation, 2) select other U.S. delegates, and 3) lead U.S. team activities prior to and following the conference. The team will prepare a poster of the conference, as well as a paper for the proceedings, that describe activities supporting women in physics in the U.S.

The team leaders will also have the opportunity to provide a poster on their own research, participate in outreach after the conference, and disseminate information about the efforts to improve the status of women in physics in the U.S.

Application Information
To apply, you will need to send the following items to both and Ana Ferreras at by Friday, January 4, 2019:
1) A two to three page letter that addresses a) your experience organizing activities supporting women in physics and b) how you best exemplify the U.S. Team Leader Characteristics (see below).
2) A biographical sketch, not to exceed two pages.

Characteristics of Team Leaders for the U.S. Delegation to ICWIP 2020
Team leaders should meet the following criteria:

1.      Participate in fundraising including writing proposals to federal funding agencies, government laboratories, and private foundations and soliciting funding from individuals and U.S. physics departments.
2.      Develop the U.S. delegation application, review applications, and select a diverse group of delegation members. (Applications will be submitted and reviewed via a web interface.) Should also assist in advertising for U.S. delegation applications.
3.      Assist in writing the US country paper.
4.      Assist with creating the conference proceedings (collect signed copyright forms, follow up with authors, etc).  Individuals tasked with this will be listed as co-editors.
5.      Regularly follow up with delegates after the conference to carry out action items developed during the conference.
6.      Be willing to share in responsibilities, contribute regularly, and assist in carrying out specific tasks.

The team leaders should be a diverse group of leaders in the physics community who have been involved in activities related to gender equity in physics. Diversity should include race and ethnicity, career type (academic, industry, government lab) and status (early, mid, advanced), and physics specialty. The physics community through the USLC, AAPT, AIP, APS, NSBP, NSHP and AIP Member Societies have the responsibility for jointly appointing the team leaders. 





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