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U.S. National Committee for URSI

United States National Committee (USNC)
for the Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale (URSI) 


  • Nominees must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
  • Any member of the Commission can nominate qualified persons for Member or Associate Member in the Commission. A separate nomination form should be completed for each nominee.
  • No limit is imposed on the number of nominations which a Commission member can make if the nominees are from outside the sponsor’s institution. A sponsor is allowed to nominate one person from his own organization for Member and one for Associate Member for consideration at any one regular meeting of the Commission.
  • The required qualifications for membership in the Commission are technical competence and interest in the activities of URSI. Evidence of technical competence is to be found from the nominee’s publications and evidence of interest in the activities of URSI is to be supported by the nominee’s participation in URSI symposia.
    • Minimum publication numbers should be 1-2 single-author articles with 2-3 publications overall for Associate Member, and 3-4 single-author articles with 5-6 publications overall for Full Member. Allowances will be made for fewer articles of special significance and in cases where the research area typically involves teams more often than individuals.
    • A minimum of two URSI presentations (at least one in the Commission) for Associate Member and three URSI presentations (at least two in the Commission) for Full Member should be identified in the nomination package.
  • Both Member nominees and Associate Member nominees are expected to satisfy the stated qualifications. In addition, Member nominees should have evidence of scientific maturity and leadership in their work.
  • Nominations are considered only at the regular meetings of the Commission.