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STAY TUNED! The application process for the second Arab American Frontiers symposium will be open soon!

Based on the success of the long standing Kavli Frontiers of Science of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Frontiers of Engineering program of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, the National Academies initiated the Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine program. This program brings together outstanding young scientists, engineers, and medical professionals from the United States and the 22 countries of the Arab League for a series of symposia to discuss exciting advances and opportunities in their fields. The goal of these meetings is to enhance the scientific exchange and dialogue among young researchers in Arab countries and the United States, including the Arab science diaspora, and through this interaction facilitate research collaboration within and beyond the region.

In developing this new initiative, the U.S. National Academies has partnered with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) which also hosted the 1st Arab-American Frontiers symposium in Kuwait from October 17 to 19, 2011. 

The following short video provides you with an overview of the program and the first symposium:

  Additional Information  

NEWS: The planning for the 2nd Arab-American Frontiers Symposium has begun. Learn more here.

To learn more about the 10 Fellowships that have been awarded in 2012 click here.

1st Arab-American Frontiers Symposium: Interested in the program, participants list, and presentations? Click here.

  Dalal Najib 



Oversight of the Program

A U.S. National Academy of Sciences appointed ad-hoc committee provides guidance and oversight. This committee also selects the members of the organizing committee and the general participants of the Arab-American Frontiers symposium out of the pool of applicants.

Michael T. Clegg (Chair), University of California, Irvine, USA
Huda Akil, University of Michigan, USA
Mohammad Hassan Al-Attar, Retired, Kuwait
Essam El-Din El-Sayed, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait


Participants for the Arab-American Frontiers program need to meet the following qualifications:

  • be between the ages of 30 and 45
  • be fluent in English
  • be employed in the U.S. or one of the 22 Arab League countries but citizenship of the country of residence is not required
  • have demonstrated accomplishment in science, engineering, medical research, or technical work with recognizable contributions to advancing their fields
  • be interested in developments in other fields (and in engaging with people working on them) and be able to consider how advances, techniques, and approaches in those areas relate to the nominee’s own field,
  • possess the potential to be a future leader in the science, engineering, or medical field
  • have demonstrated an impact on the development of their country (participation in scientific projects,/scientific meetings/contribution to the promotion of S&T within society)