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This is one of the most difficult compliance issues related to Federal A-133 audits. Institutions are responsible to ensure that their sub-recipients comply with Federal regulations. When sub-recipients are not entities that are subject to A-133 audit requirements, compliance becomes especially difficult. This project will look for more effective and efficient ways to monitor our sub-recipients.


Creation of Single Audit Clearinghouse

To demonstrate that the requirements of OMB Circular A-133 paragraph .320(e)(2) can be achieved by using the Single Audit Clearinghouse (SAC) web site to determine:

If a subrecipient has completed an audit in accordance with the requirements of A-133, and
The schedule of findings and questioned costs disclosed no audit finding relating to the Federal awards the prime entity passed through to the subrecipient
SAC Web Site –

Subrecipient Monitoring Demonstration


The overall purpose of this Demonstration is to accumulate meaningful statistical data to support the following thesis:

“The requirement to verify the non-existence of findings, through a negative assurance confirmation, with other grantees, who are themselves prime recipients with an established cognizant federal agency, should not be required within an R&D Cluster program.”

On a lesser level, through this Demonstration, the FDP would create a tool for streamlining the required notification and review process within the R&D Cluster.


To participate in this demonstration you must be an FDP member and be willing to enter your A-133 audit results data into the on-line system. We are requesting that you enter data beginning with your 2004 A-133 audit. If you are interested in participating, please email David Wright to request access to the pilot. Include the name and email address of the individual who will act as your institution’s A-133 Demonstration administrator. The administrator will be the person responsible for creating user accounts for other individuals within your institution as well as maintaining institutional information. You may have more than one administrator at your institution if needed. See the user guide for more information on user roles.

If you have any questions about the demonstration, please feel free to contact any of the following:

Jennifer Duncan– University of Missouri, Columbia

Jim Becker – Indiana University

David Wright - FDP


User Guide





Jennifer Duncan (Co-chair)


University of Missouri, Columbia

Jim Becker (Co-Chair)


Indiana University