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Instructions for Using the Online Directory and Meeting Registration Pages

In an effort to move from paper to electronic transfer of information, the Web and Communications Committee has introduced an online participant directory and electronic meeting registration forms. This requires participants to fill in the Directory information ONE TIME from which the electronic meeting registration forms will be generated. Each participant is responsible for creating their own User ID and Password and completing the contact information form. Once a User ID and password have been created, each participant will be able to login and update his/her record at any time as well as to link to the online meeting registration form which will be automatically populated with the participant’s information. As usual your comments and suggestions are welcome.

To create a User ID, Password and complete the directory information form or login to the online participant directory and meeting registration pages, go to the FDP homepage. If you wish to create a new entry, click on the "Directory Entry for New Participants" link. If you want to login, click on the “Login” link. The online directory can be viewed by clicking on the FDP Directory tab on the top navigation.

Completing the Electronic Meeting Registration Form:

Once you have created a User ID and Password you will automatically be logged in. You will see a menu of actions that you can perform. If the meeting registration link is visible and you want to register for a meeting, just click the link and you will be registered. You will also receive via email a confirmation of your registration.