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500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
Tel: (202)334-3994
Fax: (202)334-1369

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ERA Standing Committee Goals and Objectives

  •  Serve as umbrella entity to ERA related task groups
  •  Provide inventory of ERA projects
    •  facilitate continuity of projects
    •  include data dictionaries
    •  organize in a common format
    •  maintain a repository for data standards
    •  provide transition of task forces to pilots
  •  Provide planning map of task force(s) progress
  •  Guidelines for ERA Development
    •  Provide integrated solutions guidance
    •  Provide insight into common face approaches
    •  Provide sounding board approach
    •  Provide infrastructure guidelines and requirements for reference
    •  Provide consultant’s corner to house repository for questions/answers
    •  Provide liaison with industry standards
  •  Provide Faculty Perspective on ERA
    •  Provide mechanism for faculty updates and feedback
  •  Establish and maintain relationship with other organizations’ ERA initiatives
    •  OSTP
    •  NCURA
    •  SRA
    •  COGR
    •  Other Federal initiatives
  •  Establish and maintain relationship with the Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee
    •  Circulate agenda and request feedback prior to meetings
    •  Provide institutional viewpoint at meetings
    •  Circulate meeting minutes
    •  Select group for consulting/advice
  •  Establish and maintain relationship with the effort and related research data standards work under P.L. 106-107
    •  Participate in pilot programs
    •  Provide feedback on development
  •  Coordinate presentations
    •  FDP panels
    •  Technology symposium