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PL 106-107 Task Force

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Charge of the Committee

The task force was established to work on issues related to Public Law 106-107, the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1999.

  • Prepare a letter to OMB for the FDP chair’s signature advocating that a managed, government-wide approach be used for the deployment of new ERA systems that are developed outside of the Federal Commons.
  • Develop a shell letter for the FDP chair’s signature that will be sent both to OMB and to the agencies deploying unilaterally developed initiatives.
  • The shell letter will be customized for specific initiatives. Details would include identifying the agency, program and electronic initiatives requirements – itemizing the institutional concerns associated with that initiative.
  • For FDP agencies, we would request that an agency representative join us at the next FDP meeting to discuss the initiative.
  • For non-FDP agencies, we would add an additional paragraph about the FDP and, once again, request that an agency representative join us as the next FDP meeting.
  • Our final step will be to follow up with the agency to discuss remediation and, if appropriate, asking them to join the FDP.
  • Identify agencies deploying unilaterally developed initiatives and prepare a customized shell letter for use.
  • Task force members will be assigned to monitor specific sets of agencies.
  • A separate group of task force members will review agency plans as published in the Federal Register and develop FDP responses for Executive Committee approval.
  • Develop or coordinate input to federal initiatives in the implementation of PL 106-107.

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Documents (TBA)

Task Force Members




Denise Clark


Cornell University

Ken Forstmeier


Pennsylvania State University