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Electronic Institutional Review Boards (eIRB)

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As part of the FDP’s efforts to ‘streamline administrative processes and minimize administrative burden’ on the research community, a new task force is forming to address issues surrounding the emergence of electronic Institutional Review Boards (eIRB). This task force will develop data and information standards supporting major IRB functions such as Adverse Event and Protocol Violation reporting, Protocol Revisions and Amendment and Informed Consent maintenance. It is intended that the efforts of the eIRB task force will simplify the development and deployment of electronic IRBs and in the process ensure the interoperability of participating systems.

The taskforce is being co-chaired by Darin Stewart, Director, Research Information Systems, Oregon Health & Science University and Ken Forstmeier, Director, Office of Research Information Systems, Pennsylvania State University.

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Committee Members




Darin Stewart, Co-Chair


Oregon Health and Science University

Ken Forstmeier, Co-Chair


Pennsylvania State University