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Expanded Clearinghouse / Subrecipient Entity Monitoring


  • To develop one single web based repository for all FDP entities (and potentially others) to enter, upload, maintain and update all entity related information about their organization
  • To utilize this centralized online repository of entity information to enable Pass-Through Entities to obtain and review all necessary subrecipient entity information and conduct subrecipient entity monitoring and risk assessment activities in a timely and streamlined fashion without requiring time and resources to send and collect various forms to obtain information


Goals Accomplishments
Propose FDP Demonstration to develop, implement and maintain an Expanded FDP Clearinghouse COMPLETE: Phase 1 Pilot proposal to Executive Committee and approved on January 10, 2016 
Phase 2 of Pilot proposal to Executive Committee on June 10, 2016 and approved on June 19, 2016
Develop standard FDP Entity Profile COMPLETE: Entity Profile Developed Phase 1 Pilot use – began Feb 2016
Profile was reviewed and updated via the transition to the web-based system.
Develop Expanded FDP Clearinghouse website COMPLETE: Phase 1 – Expanded Clearinghouse Web page developed along with web repository of Excel Profiles
Phase 2 - Web-based profile system went live 4/26/2017
Develop standard Transaction (Project) Specific Form COMPLETE: Transitioned to being handled via the compliance questions in the FDP Subaward Templates.
Create FDP Clearinghouse users group to support ongoing review/updating of clearinghouse data elements and/or structure, reports and other aspects ONGOING: Pilot Institutions have formed initial users group
Develop subrecipient Entity monitoring Best Practices (Proposal to Closeout) ONGOING: Conducted jointly with Subaward Subcommittee


General Documents

Pilot Welcome Packet Documents (for Pilot Entities only)
Pilot Support Documents (NOT required for pilot, but suggested samples to use) FDP Meeting & Other Presentations

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Lynette Arias (Co-Chair) University of Washington
Jennifer Barron (Co-Chair) Johns Hopkins University
Pamela Webb (Co-Chair) University of Minnesota
Amanda Hamaker Purdue University
Gloria Greene University of Alabama
Steve Parker University of Alabama
Patrice Carroll Brown University
Neal Hunt Vanderbilt University
Jennifer Rodis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Julie Thatcher Institute for Systems Biology
Sara Clough University of Texas, Austin
Marcy Friedle Florida State University
Tyra Patrice Darville-Layne Northwestern University
Rebecca Balentine Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Courtney Swaney University of Texas, Austin
Robert Prentiss University of Texas,Austin


Lynette Arias University of Washington
Courtney Swaney University of Texas, Austin
Chris Renner Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Michael Johnson Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Robert Prentiss University of Texas, Austin
David Wright Federal Demonstration Partnership
Mark Sweet University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jason Myers University of Washington
Jennifer Rodis University of Wisconsin, Madison

Collaboration with Risk Assessment Questionnaire Working Group
Collaboration with eRA Committee
Collaboration with Subaward Committee

Committee Mailing List:  FDP Clearinghouse - FDP-Clearinghouse-L

[Any FDP member willing to contribute to this topic may join our listserv, regardless of whether their institution is a member of the Phase I pilot or the Working Group listed above. See the “Mailing List” tab on the FDP Home page for instructions for how to join the listserv.]