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CSREES Expanded Authorities Demonstration


The USDA’s Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) and FDP University participants will undertake a pilot to explore whether it would be feasible for CSREES to eliminate the requirement for agency approval on second no-cost extension requests.

CSREES will require that all initiations for second no-cost extensions follow the requirements outlined in the FDP IV General Terms and Conditions. This demonstration will exclude extensions that would result in a project period in excess of five (5) years or the statutory time limitation of the award, as indicated on the CSREES Form 2009, award face sheet, whichever is less.

This project will become effective December 1, 2004, and continue through September 30, 2005. At the conclusion of the demonstration project, CSREES will evaluate whether there have been any negative consequences of extending this flexibility and whether to 1) abandon the idea, or 2) adopt this process permanently for all FDP institutions and all CSREES grantees under Terms and Conditions - A.


The CSREES agency-specific FDP IV Terms and Conditions currently require that when more than one no-cost extension or an extension of more than 12 months is required, the extension(s) must be approved in writing by the Authorized Departmental Officer (ADO). In an attempt to reduce administrative burden on our recipients, CSREES is participating in a pilot demonstration with a set of FDP organizations to explore whether it would be feasible for CSREES to eliminate the requirement for agency approval on second no-cost extension requests.

Effective December 1, 2004 and through September 30, 2005, the participants listed below may initiate a second no-cost extension of the expiration date of the award of up to 12 months unless one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • the terms and conditions of the award prohibit the extension
  • the extension requires additional Federal funds
  • the extension involves any change in the approved objectives or scope of the project
  • the extension would extend the award beyond the statutory time limitation set for the award

The ADO must be notified by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) within 10 days of the approval. If the AOR fails to notify the ADO within 10 days of their approval and prior to the expiration of the award or should more than two no-cost extensions or an extension of more than 12 months be required, approval is necessary from the ADO. The fact that funds are expected to remain unobligated at the expiration of the award is not in itself sufficient justification to receive an extension of time.

FDP Participants

Mailing List - CSREESDEMO@LSW.NAS.EDU (Demonstration Contacts Only)

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

Gilliland, Diane

Colorado State University.

Johnson, Lynn

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Andresen, Robert C.

University of Missouri

Warnock, Mike

University of Florida

Prindle, Brian

University of Hawaii

Kakugawa, Paul

University of Minnesota

McKoskey, Kevin

Cornell University

Brainard, Linda

New Mexico State University

Fernandez, Neta

Pennsylvania State University

Antholosky, Paul

University of California - Davis

Hakim-Elahi, Ahmad

University of Nebraska

Braaten, Norm

North Carolina State University

Chaffee, John

Washington State University

Nordquist, Dan

University of Arizona

Hornung, Janice

University of Georgia

Lyman, Virginia

University of Texas - Austin

Rodela, Barbara

University of Kansas - Center for Research

Altieri, Joanne

University of Virginia

Kane, Gerald

California Institute of Technology

Mayo, David

University of Michigan

Randolph, Jim

University of Rochester

Liders, Gunta

University of Massachusetts – Medical School

Giehl, Bethanne

University of Pennsylvania

Rudczynski, Andy


CSREES (Coordinator: Carol Langguth, Branch Chief, Awards Management Branch/OEP, CSREES)