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While Phase I addressed the initial job creation associated with science investments, Phase II responds to the OMB/OSTP directive
“Building on the unprecedented transparency and openness required for Recovery Act spending, agencies have a responsibility to explain how Federal science and technology investments contribute to increased economic productivity and progress, new energy technologies, improved health outcomes and other national goals. In order to facilitate these efforts, Federal agencies, in cooperation with the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Management and Budget, should develop datasets to better document Federal science and technology investments and to make these data open to the public in accessible, useful formats
Agencies should develop outcome-oriented goals for their science and technology activities, establish procedures and timelines for evaluating the performance of these activities….Agencies should develop “science of science policy” tools that can improve management of their research and development portfolios and better assess the impact of their science and technology investments. Sound science should inform policy decisions, and agencies should invest in relevant science and technology as appropriate.”
Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies M-09-27 August 4, 2009
The working group is charged with developing and implementing broader measures of the impact of science investments: 
  • Economic growth will be measured through indicators such as patents and business start-ups.
  • Workforce outcomes will be measured by student mobility into the workforce and employment markers.
  • Scientific knowledge will be measured through publications and citations.
  • Social outcomes will be measured by long-term health and environmental impact of funding. 
Click on the links above to provide input into what data and data elements might be considered for use by the STAR METRICS program. Once on the topic area page, click on the message board link to provide input.
Examples of existing best practices include: