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Mailing Address:

500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
Tel: (202)334-3994
Fax: (202)334-1369

FDP Brochure 2012

FDP Brochure 2012


Conflict of Interest Subcommittee

Charge of the Committee

Reviews existing and new administrative requirements imposed by federal regulations and program officers related to conflicts of interest (individual and institutional). The emphasis should be on harmonization of requirements across federal agencies, reduction of redundancies and identifying good practices.


Penn State Draft COI Training
Invitation to join FDP Clearinghouse for FCOI Compliance
NIH COI Resurces

Financial Conflict of Interest

FDP Model Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Model Disclosure Form (for potential adoption by subrecipients not yet having their own FCOI policy)
The model policy and form listed below is intended to assist subrecipients who wish to create their own Financial Conflict of Interest policy. This model policy has been developed by members of the FDP who are familiar with PHS Financial Conflict of Interest requirements; however, subrecipients are independently responsible for conducting their own review to ensure that this model or an adapted version is compliant with PHS policy. Tools are available on the NIH web site to assist institutions with this process, including a Checklist for Policy Development at: and a FCOI tutorial at:

FDP Model Policy
FDP Model Report Form

Listserv -

Subcommittee Members

Carol Zuiches, Co-ChairUniversity of Chicago
Diane Dean, Co-ChairNational Institutes of Health
Bruce ElliottNorth Western University-Chicago
David EarwickerCalifornia State University-Sacramento
Debra ThurleyPenn State University
Douglas BackmanUniversity Central Florida
Jana LawrenceTexas A & M University
Jane ZuberTexas A & M University
Jennifer McCafferty-CeperoUniversity of Miami-School of Medicine
Jennifer TaylorVanderbilt Medical University
Joanne PolzienMichigan Technological University 
Joshua RosenbloomKentucky University
Kathy YoungUniversity of Illinois
Luanna PutneyUniversity of California System
Peter BarcherGeorge Mason University
Robert DoolingUniversity of Maryland
Sara RockwellYale University
Wendy EwaldUniversity of California, Merced
Joseph RobertsonUniversity of Alabama
Darren McCantsMedical University of South Carolina
Mary MitchellPartners HealthCare