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The mentoring program is offered by the Membership Committee of the FDP.  Participation is voluntary but recommended.  The purpose is to assign a mentor to first-time attendees.  Mentors guide new attendees through the agenda, provide context and generally help make attendees comfortable in a new setting.  Mentors also introduce mentees to other attendees.  The goal is for the first-time attendee to get connected right away so that they can reap the benefits of membership and so that FDP can take advantage of their participation and talents.   A mentee or first-time attendee can expect to receive help and advice from anyone who is a mentor.


1. Q. What can be expected, if a mentor is requested for the meeting?
  A. You can expect:
    •    To be contacted either by email or by phone (or both) by the FDP Membership Committee and your mentor before the meeting;
    •    To meet your mentor at a predetermined time and location;
    •    To have an immediate contact who can answer questions and provide guidance for maneuvering the meetings; and
    •    To be able to follow up with your mentor after the meeting by phone or email, if you have any questions

* The mentee should also plan on attending the new attendee orientation session the first morning of the meeting to learn more about FDP and how it works.

2. Q. I am a very busy person and do not think that I have time to have a mentor.
  A. Having a mentor will actually help you use your meeting time more effectively and will save time and confusion at the meeting.  It is not a time-consuming burden, and will assist you in connecting with other FDP members and activities.
3. Q. Can I be a mentor at the next meeting?
  A. Yes, if you are ready…..we are ready to have you.


1. Q. If I volunteer to be a mentor, what are my responsibilities?
  A. Your responsibilities would be to:
    •    Contact your mentee before the meeting, preferably by phone;
    •    Connect with your mentee at the meeting at a predetermined time and location so that you can provide assistance with the agenda and  introduce your mentee to others at the meeting;
    •    Talk to the mentee to determine what their expectations are for the meeting;
    •    Communicate with your mentee if your plans change and you will not be attending the meeting, but let him/her know that there are others at the meeting that will help; you are strongly encouraged to exchange cell phone numbers; and
    •    Be available by phone or email after the meeting for questions.
2. Q. I am a very busy person and do not think that I have time to be a mentor.
  A. Giving back to FDP by being a mentor is very rewarding and will enhance FDP’s communication and marketing endeavors by giving a first-time attendee a pleasant and informative experience for their first meeting.  If you are going to the meeting, it is not a time-consuming responsibility and the benefits far outweigh the burden.