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FDP Brochure 2012

FDP Brochure 2012


Subaward Agreement Forms

FormsAttachment 2 SamplesI

The FDP subaward agreement form may be used by any institution. There is no longer a separate form for use with non-FDP institutions. Federal agencies were represented on the FDP which approved the use of the forms and federal participants in the FDP were a part of the Task Force that created and tested the forms. However, the FDP makes no representation or warrantees regarding the suitability of these forms for use on any federal or non-federal sponsored projects. All users utilize these forms at their own risk.

Recent changes:

Effective with publication of the January 25, 2008 Notice in the Federal Register (, research agencies are able to utilize a new standard core set of administrative terms and conditions on research and research-related awards that are subject to OMB Circular A–110, ‘‘Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements With Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations’’ (2 CFR part 215). This resulted from an initiative of the Research Business Models (RBM) Subcommittee of the Committee on Science (CoS), a committee of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). One of the RBM Subcommittee’s priority areas is to create greater consistency in the administration of Federal research awards.

As a result of this priority, the implementation of the standard research terms and conditions by the Terms and Conditions Standing Committee and the recommended changes and updates by the Subawards Task Force at the May 14, 2008 meeting, the subaward agreement form has been restructured and designed as a fillable PDF. All attachment 2 forms have been revised and updated accordingly. With these revisions only one version of the template is necessary (no longer required to choose FDP or nonFDP), and the forms can be used for any of the agencies that have implemented the new Research Terms & Conditions. 

For the statutory requirements and the regulatory-based requirements for all Federal research agencies please access the Research Terms & Conditions, Appendix C –National Policy Requirements Matrix at

Templates Updated for Uniform Guidance (February 2015)

FDP Research Subaward Facepage – Cost Reimbursement
FDP Research Subaward Facepage – Fixed Price

Attachment 1 – To be used with both Cost Reimbursement and Fixed Price subawards.
Attachment 2 – To be used in the interim while new Attachments 2s are being developed, and as the Federal agencies release specific terms and conditions.  Pass-through entities (PTEs) should attach their prime notice of award to Attachment 2, and redact information as necessary.
Attachment 3A – Pass-through Entity (PTE) Contacts
Attachment 3B page 1 – Subrecipient Contacts
Attachment 3B page 2 – Subrecipient Highest Compensated Officers – for FFATA reporting
Attachment 4 – For PTEs to include all necessary reporting requirements
Attachment 5 – Cost Reimbursement  - can be used with any rate, including the 10% de minimis rate
Attachment 5 – Fixed Price – indicates payment schedule

Sample modification to incorporate UG into existing subaward – To be used when prime notice of award issued to PTE is subject to Uniform Guidance (UG), and a modification needs to be issued to subrecipient whose original agreement was subject to the prior OMB Circulars.  This modification template will flow-down UG to the subrecipient.
Sample modification for awards issued under UG – To be used when a modification must be issued to a subrecipient already subject to the Uniform Guidance per the original subaward.
Sample unilateral modification – An option for PTEs to use to expedite agreements under circumstances where simple, non-substantive modifications to the original agreement are needed.  Examples of its use are provided on the template.  Please note that this template can only be used if both parties agreed to unilateral amendments per the Facepage of the original agreement.

Non-UG Version (August 2014)

These are part of the main form, but have been published separately for convenience.
  • If funding is ARRA related be sure to get the correct ARRA related attachment forms below

Note: Phase IV forms are located in the archives (use the link in the left side menu)

Supplemental Forms


ARRA Related Forms

A complete Research Subaward Agreement which involves NIH or NSF ARRA funding should include: The Research Subaward Agreement (with the ARRA Funds box checked); the appropriate (either NIH or NSF) Attachment 2; the appropriate (either NIH or NSF) ARRA continuation Attachment 2; and Attachment 4A (the ARRA reporting requirements).

Subaward Agreements with International Collaborators

Please note that these templates are boilerplates and should be revised according to your institution's policies and in accordance with the needs and location of the research project, etc. We are also providing a "Checklist of Additional Terms and Conditions to be Considered for Foreign Subawards," but strongly advise you consult appropriate campus officials to make sure the subaward you prepare meets your institution's and the project's requirements, and any special terms & conditions specified by the sponsor in the prime award.

 Subcontract Agreement for use Under Prime Contracts

A sample subcontract agreement and modification form have been created to assist in subcontracting under a prime contract (federal or non-federal). Please note that these templates are boilerplates and should be revised according to your institution’s policies and in accordance with the terms of your prime contract, as well as the organization type of the subcontractor. For additional assistance in determining appropriate flow down provisions, a helpful guide, “UIDP Federal Flow Down Project Reference Guide” can be downloaded for free at:

Subcontract Template
Subcontract Amendment Template