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500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
Tel: (202)334-3994
Fax: (202)334-1369

FDP Brochure 2012

FDP Brochure 2016


FDP Meeting
January 11-12, 2016
Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill
Washington, DC

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations are available as PDF files for viewing and printing which requires the free Acrobat Reader.


Monday, January 11, 2016

New Member Orientation

Plenary -
Federal Agency Updates

NIH Update
NSF Update
ONR Update
NIFA Update
GUIRR Update
OMB Update Update


Optimizing the Nation's Investment in Academic Research:  A New Regulatory Framework for the 21st Century, D. Robinson, J. Harwood and Moderator, D. Seligman
     Link to download or purchase Optimizing the Nation's Investment in Academic Research

Faculty Lunch Forum - Overview and Discussion of the NPRM and Its Implications, J. Menikoff

Subrecipient Monitoring Lunch Forum

Northeastern University Subrecipient Monitoring, Dan Gilbert
Subrecipient Best Practices, Sarah White

Committee and Task Force -- Concurrent Session 1

Compliance Committee w/ Working Groups

1) IACUC Ara Tahmassian and Susan Silk (Co-Chairs)

Impact of DEA Regulation of Controlled Substances on Animal Models Research, Nancy Ator, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Moderator - Susan Silk, MS, National Institutes of Health. The Panel will encourage audience participation and discussion.

2) IRB, The consent Toolbox, Jane McCutcheon and Ann Hardy (Co-Chairs) 

3) Lab Safety, A Guide to Implementing a Safety Culture in Our Universities, (Jan_2016), Alice Young and Robert Nobles 
    Lab Safety, A Promoting a Culture of Safety in Laboratory Sciences (Sept_2015), Alice Young and Robert Nobles 

Discussions will revolve around the draft APLU toolkit and the safety culture on campuses.
4) COI Subcommittee Clint Schmidt & Diane Dean (Co-Chairs)

ERA & Open Government – Data Act Update
Faculty w/ Working Groups

Research Pipeline, Michele Masucci

Emerging Research Institutions, J. Underwood
Faculty FDP Representative Outreach and Support, L. McCabe
Faculty Workload Survey, S. Schneider, S. Bible, and J. Luther
Subawards, J. Barron, A. Hamaker, and A. Humphrey

eRA – Workspace update; FY2016 Preview
Description: will provide a brief description of the new workspace, utilization metrics since go-live in mid-October and upcoming enhancements. They will also present a preview of upcoming enhancements for FY2016.
Speakers: Ed Calimag,
Description: NSF FastLane and Updates: Recent and upcoming changes, including PAPPG 2016 implementation, Notifications and Requests, and Proposal Submission Modernization.
Speakers: Bill Daus, FastLane, National Science Foundation; David Saunders, National Science Foundation

Committee and Task Force -- Concurrent Session 2

Expanded Clearinghouse, L. Arias, J. Barron and Pamela Webb

Next Steps in Addressing Administrative Burden

eRA - Data Act Working Session

1)  Introductory slides:  FDP JDAWG Panel Debrief
2)  Revisited - FDP JDAWG Panel Intro

Committee and Task Force -- Concurrent Session 3

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Committee and Task Force -- Concurrent Session 4

Membership Standing Committee, Co-Chairs:  L. Sutter, Jane Zuber, and C. Carney-Nunes

Faculty/Communications/eRA Outreach

Committee and Task Force -- Concurrent Session 5


Data Stewardship Subcommittee Initiative, M. Korf

Co-Chairs:  S. Schneider and Michele Masucci

Administrative Costs Working Group - Current Issues & Opportunities, S. Bible, J. Luther, J. Ginhart, K. Moreland, T. Reuter and N. Martinez-Wayman

eRA Priorities Working Group


Dr. Rush Hold, CEO American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)