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Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
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July 25, 2018, 1pm ET
Public-Private Partnerships Supporting P-TECH Schools

October 16-17, 2018
GUIRR Meeting

Upcoming Events:

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July 25, 2018 at 1pm ET
Public-Private Partnerships Supporting P-TECH Schools   

The Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable will host a webinar to discuss the P-TECH 9-14 School Model, which was started by IBM, the New York City Department of Education, and the City University of New York to support and prepare students in STEM disciplines for the contemporary workforce. The first P-TECH school in Brooklyn has become a model for industry-led investments in education, offering students advanced training in high-growth fields like IT, advanced manufacturing, and healthcare by combining a high school diploma, a no-cost, two-year college degree, and workplace experiences like mentorship and internships in a single six-year program. This approach – now implemented in 90 schools across eight states and four countries – is becoming an aspirational model for public education, especially as college costs continue to soar and college success remains a major challenge for many Americans.

Please join GUIRR for a webinar with Grace Suh, Director of Education and Corporate Citizenship at IBM, to discuss the P-TECH model and what the corporate, K-12, university, and government partners behind it have learned since its start in 2011. 

Free and open to the public.


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October 16-17, 2018
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