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University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) University-Industry Demonstration Partnership
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UIDP membership is by organization; companies or universities interested in joining the UIDP family can apply by filling out the application form (PDF) and emailing it to  
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UIDP Phase I Projects

Advisor CorpsUIDP member representatives possess a wealth of knowledge across the broad spectrum of research and commercialization fields. This project will explore methods for providing UIDP members increased opportunities to tap into this valuable resource in specific areas of interest to these parties.

Case StudiesA compilation of new examples of successful university-industry collaborations, an update of UIDP’s 2006 publication Living StudiesUIDP members are encouraged to submit case study proposals - see Request for Submissions

Clinical Trials This activity will focus on crafting an effective response to dwindling market share for clinical trials. This work will be conducted by creating a partnership to 1) Examine current business models used at universities, medical schools, and medical centers and create best practice guidance and 2) Work with UIDP members to identify areas where the relationship between process improvements can be made which would allow universities to become a more frequently sought partner.

Conflicts of Interest – Principled Partnerships
Reframing dialogue about conflicts of interest (COI) as disclosure of principled partnerships (PP), UIDP aims to bring universities and industry together in how they talk about COI-PP and to improve public understanding of COI-PP. 

Digital Badging – This supplemental proposal is to explore the potential use of digital badges in “informal” training programs, such as those offered by UIDP, the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), National Contract Management Association (NCMA), and other professional organizations and “formal” training and education, such as those offered by universities – specifically the proposed certification and master’s programs at the University of Colorado.

Graduate Internships in Industry – 
 This project is intended to provide NSF I/UCRC graduate students with new opportunities to enhance their professional development through industry research experience.
Public Dedication of IP – This project will target the analysis of public dedication models, culminating in the generation of current-best-approaches guidance/documents.
University-Industry-Startup (UIS) Nexus   This project will consider the ways in which startup companies are shaping and facilitating industry-university research relationships.  Included in the definition of "startups" are university spinouts as well as young small companies that have a non-trivial link to the university (through intellectual property, incubation, use of university resources, supportive sponsored research, etc.).  The project working group will focus on production of a "primer" document that will be of use to the general UIDP membership, including both university and industry stakeholders. 
University-Industry Contracting in a Global Setting – The purpose of the project is to create a compendium of the general terms and conditions used in University-Industry collaborations in countries that can be viewed as opportunities for US companies and US universities to collaborate.

UIDP Phase II Projects

Contract Accords – The inaugural project for the UIDP. This project tackles significant issues affecting university-industry sponsored research agreements. To date, Background Intellectual Property (IP), Budgeting, Conflict of Interest, Confidential Disclosure Agreements, Copyrights and Software, Data Use Agreements, Export Controls, Foreground IP, Gifts, Indemnification, Material Transfer Agreements, Other Research Results, Publications, Specialized Services / Testing Agreements, and Statement of Work have been addressed. Additional contract accords are under development. Access the contract accords on the UIDP Publications page.

Ideas to Innovation Workshops These workshops provide a unique forum for representatives from diverse arenas to come together and discuss ways to advance the idea to innovation process in emerging technology areas. In addition, these workshops serve as a test bed to demonstrate how best practices and lessons identified by the UIDP can be tested and evaluated.

National Lab Project – University-industry-government partnerships present intriguing opportunities for each party. At a "macro" level, these partnerships are critical to the national economy and security. National laboratories represent a significant national resource and research infrastructure. The goal of this project is to help the UIDP facilitate interest in and usage of national labs through its member community, thereby investing in university-industry-government partnerships and the American research enterprise.

Negotiation Agreement Workshops – One of the best ways to enhance collaborations is to reduce the time needed to reach sponsored research agreements between parties. These workshops use the learnings from the contract accords and real life agreements to add significant understanding to the important issues affecting agreements.

UIDP Academy – This project is intended to capture all of the training activities that UIDP hosts. This includes the Negotiation Agreement Workshop.


UIDP Phase III Projects

Business Advising – This project focuses on how universities can effectively provide business advising services to companies both inside and outside the university ecosystem. The project also provides companies with insights and strategies on how to tap into these services and guide the work to provide a high return on their investment.

Federal Flow Down Clauses Prime contractors often negotiate a US government contract without considering the impact of flow downs for university subcontractors that if understood upfront, would facilitate the subcontract process and result in subcontracts that are optimal for both the Prime and the university. This project proposes to identify best practices around negotiating USG flow down clauses in a way that could improve subcontractor negotiations and results. The project's intent is to raise the level of awareness of USG clauses that are problematic for universities, identify alternative approaches or clauses that have been successfully used, and develop a UIDP accord that identifies the issues and challenges and provides guidance around them.

IP Quick Guide – This project serves to create a quick guide to help Universities and Industry get answers to commonly occurring questions around the role IP plays in relationships and agreements.

Measures and MetricsQuantifying the value proposition of UIDP, showing progress made to the members, and improving promotion of the organization and its offerings.

Partnership Continuum – Universities and companies use a multitude of mechanisms for partnering with each other to advance their interests. This project seeks to systematically categorize and perform a critical assessment of this continuum of partnership possibilities that will assist others in the future.

Partnership Webinar Series – The UIDP hosts the Partnership Webinar Series to highlight programs and initiatives that support or impact university-industry collaborations and promote US competitiveness. Information about upcoming webinars is available on the UIDP homepage.

Researcher Collaborative Visits This project will identify issues that must be addressed in order to provide maximal value to both parties engaged with researcher collaborative visits, emanating from universities or companies. Examples include university faculty doing sabbaticals in industry and industry researchers spending a period of time at an academic institution.

Researcher Guidebook Many institutional (i.e. universities, national labs and other nonprofit organizations) investigators wish to work with industry to advance their research agenda and ensure relevance of their scholarly pursuits. These investigators face challenges in identifying appropriate strategies for making the necessary connections within industry and dealing with industry related cultural differences. Industry researchers face similar challenges. Industry project leaders and researchers may seek to access academic assets (personnel and infrastructure) to advance their product development and innovation programs. The UIDP is creating a strategic tool targeted at promoting greater understanding of the issues that face both parties in order to facilitate more effective relationships to the mutual benefit of both parties.