April 18, 2014


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Assessment of Impediments to Interagency Collaboration on Space and Earth Science Missions 2010

 View the report Assessment of Impediments to Interagency Collaboration on Space and Earth Science Missions

Statement of Task

The Space Studies Board will establish an ad hoc study committee to prepare a report that will:

  • Assess impediments, including cost growth, to the successful conduct of interagency cooperation on Earth science and space science missions;
  • Identify lessons learned and best practices from past interagency Earth science and space science missions; and
  • Recommend steps to help facilitate successful interagency collaborations on Earth science and space science missions.

Specifically, the study will:

  • Examine the rationale for interagency cooperation in Earth science and space science missions, including variations in motivation for interagency cooperation among agencies.
  • Survey Earth science and space science missions, either in operation or under formulation or development, that involve a significant partnership in either mission execution or instrument development by NASA with one or more other federal agencies. (Candidate missions are detailed in the work plan.) From these case studies, the committee will identify lessons learned and best practices. Areas include: acquisition strategies; program management and structure, including partnership models; and interagency issues related to the “research to operations transition.” 

This project is sponsored by NASA. View the project on the Current Projects System.

Past Meetings

July 30, 2009 - July 31, 2009
Washington, DC

September 30, 2009 - October 2, 2009
Washington, DC


Committee Biographic Information

Dr. D. James Baker; Co-Chair
The William J. Clinton Foundation
Ms. Margaret Finarelli
George Mason University
Dr. Daniel N. Baker; NAE Co-Chair
University of Colorado at Boulder
Dr. Todd R. La Porte
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. David A. Bearden
The Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Margaret S. Leinen
Climate Response Fund
Dr. Charles L. Bennett; NAS
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Scott N. Pace
The George Washington University
Dr. Stacey Boland
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Graeme L. Stephens
Colorado State University
Dr. Antonio J. Busalacchi, Jr.
University of Maryland, College Park
Dr. Annalisa L. Weigel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Carlos E. Del Castillo
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Michael S. Witherell; NAS
University of California, Santa Barbara
Dr. Antonio L. Elias; NAE
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Mr. A. Thomas Young; NAE
Lockheed Martin Corporation [Retired] 


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