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Space Studies Board
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About the SSB


The Space Studies Board (SSB) was established in 1958 to serve as the focus of the interests and responsibilities in space research for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The SSB provides an independent, authoritative forum for information and advice on all aspects of space science and applications, and it serves as the focal point within the Academies for activities on space research. It oversees advisory studies and program assessments, facilitates international research coordination, and promotes communications on space science and science policy between the research community, the federal government, and the interested public. The SSB also serves as the U.S. National Committee for the International Council for Science Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).


Board Origins and History



Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internship


The Board annually sponsors the Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships.



COSPAR Representative

The SSB is also the U.S. National Committee to the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), a member committee of the International Council for Science (ICSU). COSPAR was established in 1958 by the International Council for Science (ICSU) to "provide the world scientific community with the means whereby it may exploit the possibilities of satellites and space probes of all kinds for scientific purposes, and exchange the resulting data on a cooperative basis." COSPAR's main purpose is to hold a scientific assembly every other year at which scientists in space-related disciplines from around the world present their research.

The SSB, under the aegis of the National Academy of Sciences, serves as the U.S. National Committee to COSPAR and manages COSPAR activities for the United States. The U.S. representative votes on behalf of SSB interests on the Council, COSPAR's highest body, and is an elected member of the Bureau, the managing body.

Dr. Len Fisk
 is the U.S. Representative. David Smith, SSB Senior Program Officer, is the U.S. Executive Secretary. Andrea Rebholz is the Administrative Coordinator.



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Space Studies Board

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