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The National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Space Studies Board of U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are pleased to invite applications for the 2016-17 Forum for New Leaders in Space Science. The Forum, initiated in 2014, is designed to provide opportunities for a highly select group of young Earth and space scientists from China and the United States to discuss their research activities in an intimate and collegial environment at meetings to be held in China and the United States.

The goals of the Forum are threefold

  1. To identify and highlight the research achievements of the best and brightest young scientists currently working at the frontiers of their respective disciplines;
  2. To build informal bridges between the Earth- and space-science communities in China and the United States; and
  3. To enhance the diffusion of insights gained from participation in the Forum to the larger Earth- and space-science communities in China and the United States.

The 1st and 2nd Forums were held in Bejing and Irvine, California in May and November, 2014, respectively. The 3rd Forum was held, in Shanghai on 9-10 October, 2015 and the 4th Forum will be held in Irvine, California on 16-17 May, 2016. The 5th and 6th Forums will be held in Bejing and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on 2-3 December, 2016 and 16-17 May, 2017, respectively. The scientific scope of the 5th and 6th Forums is limited to the biological/biomedical and physical (including fundamental physics) research in the space environment. Both events will include focused presentations by young scientists, topical presentations by senior scientists and group discussions. Participants will be selected by an International Program Committee. The travel and subsistence costs for U.S. participants will be paid by the U.S. Academies. Travel costs for Chinese participants will be paid by their own organizations. Three nights of local accommodation plus selected meals and transportation to/from the meeting site will be provided by the local host organization.

U.S. funding for this activity has been provided by the National Academy of Sciences W.K. Kellogg Foundation Fund, the National Academy of Sciences Slipher Foundation Fund, the National Academy of Sciences Maurice Ewing Earth and Planetary Sciences Fund, and by the general support of the ASEB and SSB provided by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.


The Forum is open to all active researchers meeting the following criteria:

  1. Hold an academic/research position at the postdoctoral level or above at a university or research institute in China or the United States;
  2. Be no more than 40 years old on 30 June, 2017;
  3. Be sufficiently proficient in written and spoken English to be an active participant in high-level scientific discussions;
  4. Be eligible to obtain the visa necessary to permit travel to China and the United States;
  5. Be available to participate in both the December and May Forums; and
  6. Be currently engaged in biological/biomedical and physical (including fundamental physics) research in the space environment.

How to Apply
All applicants must submit the following documents (in pdf format and in English):

  1. A one-page letter outlining why you wish to participate in the Forum.
  2. A resume, including a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  3. A 2-page abstract (minimum 750 words, maximum 1000 words) of the presentation you wish to give at the Forum in December 2016. The abstract must include a title, your name, academic affiliation and all necessary references. Figures, equations, and special characters should only be used only if absolutely essential. Multi-author abstracts are strongly discouraged.
  4. The title of a substantially different presentation you wish to make at the Forum in May 2017.
  5. Letters of recommendation from two faculty members familiar with your work. Recommendations should be in pdf format, on institutional stationery, signed by their authors and sent directly to the Program Committee at the email addresses listed below.
  6. Current contact information including name, gender, date of birth, citizenship, mailing address, telephone numbers, and email address

All application materials must be emailed to both and  Incomplete applications and application materials received after July 1, 2016, will not be considered.

Individuals residing in China may direct enquiries to Dr. Quanlin FAN at

Individuals residing in the United States may direct enquiries to Dr. David H. SMITH at

A representative of the International Program Committee will contact successful applicants no later than 12 August, 2016.



Forum One


2015 new forum 1st meeting photo

View the Agenda for this meeting


Forum Two


2015 forum photo november 2014

View the Agenda for this meeting


Forum Three


3rd CAS NAAS forum photo

View Agenda for this meeting


Forum Four

May 16-17, 2016

Irvine, California, USA


2016 chineses  forum 4th meeting




Other Information 

View the Presentation to COSPAR in Moscow on August 5, 2014 Regarding the CAS-NAS Forum for New Leaders in Space Science
by David H. Smith, Space Studies Board, National Research Council


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