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Space Studies Board
500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 334-3477
Fax: (202) 334-3701

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Fiona Harrison, Chair | Michael Moloney,  Director

The Space Studies Board provides an independent, authoritative forum for information and advice on all aspects of space science and applications.

News & Events
November 1-3, 2017 Space Studies Board, Irvine, CA
November 7-9, 2017 Planetary Protection Requirements for Sample-Return Missions from Martian Moons, London, England
November 14-16, 2017 Best Practices for a Future Open Code Policy for NASA Space Science
Washington, DC
November 19-21, 2017 Extraterrestrial Sample Analysis Facilities, Irvine CA
November 29-December 1, 2017 Vision and Voyages Midterm, Irvine, CA
January 16-18, 2018 Astrobiology Science Strategy for the Search for Life in the Universe

February 26-28, 2018 Visions and Voyages Midterm
March 27-29, 2018 Space Science Week 2018, Washington, DC
March 27-29, 2018 Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Washington, DC
March 27-29, 2018 Committee on Solar and Space Physics, Washington, DC
March 27-29, 2018 Committee on Earth Science and Applications from Space, Washington, DC
March 27-29, 2018 Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science, Washington, DC
March 27-29, 2018 Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space, Washington, DC
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