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2014 May Review

Application period opens
March 1

Submission deadline is 
May 1

(5:00 PM EST)

Support document deadline is May
(5:00 PM EST)

If a deadline falls on a weekend, it changes to the next business day.



A complete application package includes an online application, including uploads, and supporting documents,
including transcripts and reference reports.
Please refer to the FAQ page to find answers to many of the common questions
about the application process.


Online Application OpenApplication DeadlineSupport Documents DeadlineReview Notification Date
December 1February 1February 15March 25
March 1May 1May 15June 27
June 1August 1August 15September 26
September 1November 1November 15January 12

 Before applying, prospective applicants must identify a host federal laboratory where they plan to conduct their research AND have a Research Opportunity (RO) number or numbers for the laboratory to which they are applying. (Need these? Go to Getting Started)

 Learn How to Navigate the Online Application
    Learn how to navigate the online application step by step before 
    beginning your own application. Note that several uploads are
    required to complete the online application.

 Review Required Supporting Documents and Forms
    Applicants are required to submit the following supporting documents:
    Reference Reports, Transcripts, and Immigration Forms for foreign nationals.

Applying for the Methane Hydrates Fellowship Program? Go to the Special Programs page to learn how to apply.

Apply Now!

After you register on the online application system, you may return as often as you like.

 Review Criteria
     Read about the criteria that are used to score each application. 


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