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Board on Research Data and Information
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The mission of the Board on Research Data and Information is
to improve the stewardship, policy, and use of digital data and
information for science and the broader society.


The Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI) maintains surveillance of the field and proposes initiatives that might be undertaken at the National Research Council (NRC), targeted at challenges of national and international significance of particular interest to the board's sponsors. The Board engages in planning, program development, and administrative oversight of projects launched under its auspices. Acting through the NRC, BRDI focuses on the following tasks within its primary mission areas:

  1. Address emerging issues in the management, policy, and use of research data and information at the national and international levels.
  2. Through studies and reports of the NRC, provide independent and objective advice, reviews of programs, and assessment of priorities concerning research data and information activities and interests of its sponsors.
  3. Encourage and facilitate collaboration across disciplines, sectors, and nations with regard to common interests in research data and information activities.
  4. Monitor, assess, and contribute to the development of U.S. government and research community positions on research data and information programs and policies.
  5. Initiate or respond to requests for consensus studies, workshops, conferences, and other activities within the Board's mission, and provide oversight for the activities performed under the Board's auspices.
  6. Broadly disseminate and communicate the results of the Board's activities to its stakeholders and to the general public.

BRDI also represents the U.S. National Committee for CODATA. 


We are grateful for the following grants for support of the Board on Research Data and Information:

Department of Energy, DE-SC0008645; 

Institute of Museum and Library Services, IMLS: LG-00-09-0195-09;
National Institute of Standards and Technology, SB1341-09-CN-0095;
National Institutes of Health, NIH: N01-OD-4-2139;
National Science Foundation, OCI-1040898; and
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation




Symposium on the Interagency Strategic Plan for Big Data
October 23, 2014
Washington, DC

BRDI Data & Information Challenge Presentations
October 23, 2014
Washington, DC

BRDI Board Meeting
October 22, 2014
Washington, DC

Workshop on Developing IP Law Principles for Research Data
October 21, 2014
Washington, DC