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Subaward Agreement Forms

The FDP Subaward Templates were designed to expedite review among FDP member institutions.  However, non-FDP members institutions may also use the templates. The templates are considered an ongoing FDP demonstration. Workgroups are formed to monitor Federal developments, and every attempt is made to keep the forms current. They are not meant to be recycled or edited.

In response to the implementation on December 26, 2014 of the OMB Uniform Guidance Final Rule (2 CFR part 200) “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards,” the FDP has revised its subaward agreement templates. While these templates were designed for use by FDP member organizations in collaborating with each other, they may be used by any FDP or non-FDP member institution. Please keep in mind, however, that the FDP makes no representation or warranties regarding the suitability of these forms for use on any Federal or non-Federal sponsored projects. It is the pass-through entity’s responsibility to ensure all required terms and conditions flow down to a subrecipient.  All users utilize these forms at their own risk.

The Research Terms & Conditions (RTC), which previously applied to research awards from a number of Federal funding agencies, expired with the implementation of the Uniform Guidance on December 26, 2014. A working group headed by representatives from NIH and NSF is developing a revised version of the RTC. When available, the revised RTC will be incorporated into the FDP subaward templates. Please refer to the FDP Subaward Templates Uniform Guidance Reference Guide  for additional assistance.

All templates are under continuous review; revised versions will be posted to this page as they become available. Please check here for the most recent versions before using the templates to develop any subaward agreement.

Previous versions of the subaward templates will remain available on this page for subawards subject to the requirements in place prior to the implementation of the OMB Uniform Guidance. Please use care in determining the correct version of the forms to be used before developing any new subawards. For more information, please review the guidance documents and FAQs provided below.

Templates and other Resources:

Risk Assessment

Templates Updated for Uniform Guidance (April 2016)

FDP Research Subaward Facepage – Cost Reimbursement
FDP Research Subaward Facepage – Fixed Price

Attachment 1 – To be used with both Cost Reimbursement and Fixed Price subawards.
Attachment 3A – Pass-through Entity (PTE) Contacts
Attachment 3B page 1 – Subrecipient Contacts
Attachment 3B page 2 – Subrecipient Highest Compensated Officers – for FFATA reporting
Attachment 4 – For PTEs to include all necessary reporting requirements
Attachment 5 – Cost Reimbursement  - can be used with any rate, including the 10% de minimis rate
Attachment 5 – Fixed Price – indicates payment schedule

Attachment 2 Samples
Generic Attachment 2 – To be used in the interim while new Attachments 2s are being developed, and as the Federal agencies release specific terms and conditions.  Pass-through entities (PTEs) should attach their prime notice of award to Attachment 2, and redact information as necessary.

Sample modification to incorporate UG into existing subaward – To be used when prime notice of award issued to PTE is subject to Uniform Guidance (UG), and a modification needs to be issued to subrecipient whose original agreement was subject to the prior OMB Circulars.  This modification template will flow-down UG to the subrecipient.
Sample modification for awards issued under UG – To be used when a modification must be issued to a subrecipient already subject to the Uniform Guidance per the original subaward.
Sample unilateral modification – An option for PTEs to use to expedite agreements under circumstances where simple, non-substantive modifications to the original agreement are needed.  Examples of its use are provided on the template.  Please note that this template can only be used if both parties agreed to unilateral amendments per the Facepage of the original agreement.


Subaward Agreements with International Collaborators

Please note that these templates are boilerplates and should be revised according to your institution's policies and in accordance with the needs and location of the research project, etc. We are also providing a "Checklist of Additional Terms and Conditions to be Considered for Foreign Subawards," but strongly advise you consult appropriate campus officials to make sure the subaward you prepare meets your institution's and the project's requirements, and any special terms & conditions specified by the sponsor in the prime award.

Subcontract Agreement for use Under Prime Contracts

A sample subcontract agreement and modification form have been created to assist in subcontracting under a prime contract (federal or non-federal). Please note that these templates are boilerplates and should be revised according to your institution’s policies and in accordance with the terms of your prime contract, as well as the organization type of the subcontractor. 

Subcontract Template
Subcontract Amendment Template

Subaward Agreements for Use Under Federally Sponsored Clinical Trials

A fixed price subaward agreement sample has been created to assist in subcontracting to enrolling sites under NIH funded clinical trials. Please note, this sample is boilerplate and should be modified only if necessary according to your NIH award.

FDP Fixed Price Clinical Trial Subaward Agreement – NIH