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We believe that the most pressing technological problems of this nation cannot be solved by one company, one university, or one federal agency. Whether export controls and visa policy, or the national infrastructure for innovation, or the fate of the science and engineering workforce, these are challenges that require multiple sectors to come together to forge a solution. GUIRR brings together the leadership from all three sectors – government, university, and industry – to craft these overarching solutions. Yet, while many organizations advertise prestigious membership lists, GUIRR is unique in having the federal agencies at the table; in providing a protected, neutral environment for candid dialogue across sectors; in allowing any individual member to champion a project; and in providing all required staff and monetary resources for project execution. The result is unparalleled access to breaking information, leading to rapid insight and solution execution. The requirement that each project have a “champion” before going forward also ensures buy-in from at least one major organization or entity; i.e., clear outcomes. Below are a few of the major theme areas in which GUIRR has been engaged.

  • Deemed Exports (2004-5)
  • Food Safety and National Defense (2008 - present)
  • International Research Collaborations (2008 - present)
  • Diminishing Natural Resources (2009)

For additional information please download the PowerPoint presentation on GUIRR and its outcomes.