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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Policy and Global Affairs
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An upcoming STEP Board workshop will focus on the role that technological changes, social and political pressures, and economic forces are currently changing (or in the future might change) policies and practices surrounding intellectual property in emerging markets, such as Brazil, India, and China. View agenda.
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The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society are joining NAS and NAM in co-hosting an international summit on human gene editing to be held Dec. 1-3 in Washington, D.C.
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The 2014 PGA report Identifying the Culprit: Assessing Eyewitness Identification called for additional research on factors that affect the accuracy of eyewitness identifications. A follow-up study is developing criteria to evaluate the scientific merit of research proposals to advance understanding of statistical tools that can validate the reliability of eyewitness performance.
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On December 2 the Board on Higher Education and Workforce will host a workshop in Washington, D.C., to explore how education in the arts and humanities can be integrated with education in science, engineering, and medicine. Learn more and register to attend.
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Workshop on National and International Intellectual Practices and Policies
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International Summit on Human Gene Editing
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New Study
Research on Eyewitness Identification
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Integrating Education in the Humanities with STEM
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Dec 1-42015
International Summit on Human Gene Editing
Washington, DC

Dec 22015
Workshop on the Integration of the Humanities, Science, Engineering and Medicine
Washington, DC

Dec 92015
What Economics and Policy Can Learn from Engineering Design

Dec 112015
Workshop on National and International Intellectual Property Policies & Practices
Washington, DC

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Here at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, we promote the use of science, engineering, and medicine to enhance the security and well-being of people throughout the world and to ease disparities in human welfare. To accomplish this, we cooperate with partner organizations and scientific communities internationally. We also work to increase the capacity of both individual national academies and regional and global networks of academies to provide evidence-based advice to their governments, policy makers, and the public, thus strengthening and shaping policy and programs worldwide. To learn more, visit our International Activities website...