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A review of criminal cases involving microscopic hair analysis found that erroneous testimony was given by FBI analysts in at least 90 percent of the cases reviewed, said the FBI in a statement that cited the 2009 report Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward.  The FBI review, the 2009 report, and the need for greater rigor in the forensic sciences are also discussed in an op-ed and an editorial in the New York Times.
STTR Workshop
Explore the STTR program operations and outcomes. This workshop will cover effectiveness in transferring technologies, the application process, collaborations between small business and research institutions and labs, IP agreements, and economic outcomes. Register...
NAS signing of memorandum of understanding
NAS has signed a memorandum of understanding with the non-profit University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) for ongoing collaboration. Formerly a project of GUIRR, UIDP was incorporated earlier this year as a free-standing organization. Learn more...
Ballistic Missile Defense large
A new joint study by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences is examining technical and strategic aspects of ballistic missile defense systems and options for cooperation between the two countries.  Learn more...
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Media Coverage
FBI Review Finds Flaws in Forensic Testimony
STTR Workshop
Workshop on the Small Business Technology Transfer Program
NAS signing memorandum of understanding
University Industry Demonstration Partnership Incorporated as Free-standing Organization
Ballistic Missile Defense small
New Study
Study Examines Ballistic Missile Defense
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2015 Henry and Bryna David Lecture: “Communicating the Value and Values of Science”
NAS Keck Center
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Smart Grid for All
National Academy of Sciences
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G7 science academies
Release of 3 statements on global health and on oceans
(Berlin, Germany)


Pathways to Urban Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities
Second meeting
(Long Beach, CA )

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Preparing the Workforce
          Digital Curation

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Developing a Framework for Measuring Community Resilience: Summary of a Workshop
    Community Resilience

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Gain Function
 Gain of Function Research

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Building Infastructure
 International Collaboration 

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