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to a skilled technical U.S. workforce

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Project Scope
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Project Scope

An ad hoc committee will organize a national symposium to examine the coverage, effectiveness, flexibility, and coordination among the nation's programs to prepare Americans for technically oriented, skilled positions in the workforce demanding non-routine problem-solving but not requiring a baccalaureate or higher degree.  Components of this system include

     --    high school career and technical education
     --    community college education
     --    federal (including military) job training programs
     --    state-level learning exchanges
     --    corporate-sponsored and provided training
     --    public-private employment partnerships and
     --    licensing and qualification certification

The committee will develop the agenda for the symposium, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions. The committee may also commission papers on each topic to be covered at the event and make them available to participants in advance.

The symposium is expected to feature presentations that will draw on accumulated research and practitioners' experience to identify gaps in performance and in knowledge about workforce preparation in the United States and consider differences across sectors of the economy.  Finally, it will also consider selected practices (e.g., European apprenticeship programs) in other countries and of foreign-headquartered corporations operating in the U.S. and their relevance to the U.S. and to domestic firms.   

Meetings & Events



A consensus report will be published in 2015.


Committee will include labor market economists, education scholars, and people with practical experience in employee recruitment and corporate, federal, and state and local government-supported job training programs.


Presidents’ Circle of the NAS, NAE and IOM
National Science Foundation
Department of Health and Human Services
          Human Resources Services Administration 
          Administration of Children and Families
The Spencer Foundation