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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Physics and Astronomy
Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Committee on the Physics of the Universe



Connecting Quarks With The Cosmos: Eleven Science Questions for the New Century

Released September 2003

Advances made by physicists in understanding matter, space, and time and by astronomers in understanding the universe as a whole have closely intertwined the question being asked about the universe at its two extremes—the very large and the very small. This report identifies 11 key questions that have a good chance to be answered in the next decade. It urges that a new research strategy be created that brings to bear the techniques of both astronomy and sub-atomic physics in a cross-disciplinary way to address these questions. The report presents seven recommendations to facilitate the necessary research and development coordination. These recommendations identify key priorities for future scientific projects critical for realizing these scientific opportunities.

Commitee Members and NRC Staff

Michael S. Turner, Chair, University of Chicago,
Eric Adelberger, University of Washington
Arthur Bienenstock, Stanford University
Roger D. Blandford, Caltech
Sandra M. Faber, University of California at Santa Cruz
Thomas K. Gaisser, University of Delaware
Fiona Harrison, Caltech
John P. Huchra, Harvard University
John Mather, Goddard Space Flight Center
John Peoples, Jr., Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Helen R. Quinn, Stanford Linear Accelerator
R. G. Hamish Robertson, University of Washington
Bernard Sadoulet, University of California at Berkeley
Frank J. Sciulli, Columbia University
David N. Spergel, Princeton University
Harvey Tananbaum, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
J. Anthony Tyson, Lucent Technologies
Frank A. Wilczek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clifford Will, Washington University
Bruce D. Winstein, University of Chicago
Ned Wright, U.C. Los Angeles

NRC Staff

Donald C. Shapero, Study Director
Joel R. Parriott, Senior Program Officer
Michael Moloney, Program Officer
Timothy I. Meyer, Program Associate