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March 5, 2015
National Academy of Sciences
2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC

CSTB's 2012 Continuing Innovation in Information Technology illustrates how fundamental research in IT, conducted in industry and universities, has led to the introduction of entirely new product categories that ultimately became billion-dollar industries. It uses examples to depict the rich interplay between academic research, industry research, and products and indicate the cross-fertilization resulting from multi-directional flows of ideas, technologies, and people. It uses a graphic to portray and connect areas of major investment in basic research, university-based (and largely federally funded) and industry R&D. the introduction of significant commercial products resulting from this research, billion-dollar-plus industries (by annual revenue) stemming from this research, and present-day IT market segments and representative U.S. firms whose creation was stimulated by the decades-long research. The graphic, which is of necessity incomplete and symbolic in nature, provides a framework within which additional contributions and connections can be documented and illustrated. CSTB is hosted a workshop that allowed leading academic and industry researchers and industrial technologists to describe how key academic and industry research and development results and their contributions and connections to new IT products and industries, and to illustrate them as overlays to the 2012 tire tracks graphic. The principal goal of the workshop was to collect and make available to policy makers and members of the IT community first-person narratives that illustrate the link between government investments in academic and industry research to the ultimate creation of new information technology industries.



Introduction and Welcome - Peter Lee, chair, Microsoft Research   Video | Slides
Robotics, Automation, and the Future of Transportation - Rodney Brooks, ReThink Robotics  Video | Slides
From Small-world Networks to Computational Social Science - Duncan Watts, Microsoft Research   Video 
There's an App for That: How we got Here and Where to Take it - Scott Hudson, Carnegie Mellon University  Video | Slides
History of Wearables - Thad Starner, Georgia Institute of Technology   Video | Slides
Computer Architecture and the Path of Parallelism and Power Research - Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University   Video | Slides
The Crucial Role of Government Funding for IT - Robert Colwell, Intel (retired)   Video | Slides
Data Sciences = Big Data+Machine Learning+Domain Expertise - Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University   Video | Slides
Investments & Outcomes in AI: Paradigm Shifts and a Renaissance - Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research   Video | Slides
Evolving the Internet - Vint Cerf, Google  VideoSlides
The Once and Future Internet of EveryThing - David Culler, University of California, Berkeley   Video | Slides
The Wireless Future: Dreams and Challenges (and How will this Research Impact Technology) - Andrea Goldsmith, Stanford University   Video | Slides
Cybersecurity Research: Stories from the Trenches - Stefan Savage, University of California, San Diego   Video | Slides
Application Engaged Research - Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech   Video | Slides
Unleashing the Discovery and Innovation Ecosystem - Farnam Jahanian, Carnegie Mellon University   Video | Slides

Organizing Committee
Peter Lee (Chair), Microsoft Research
Mark Dean, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Ed Frank, Brilliant Lime and Cloud Parity
Yann LeCun, New York University
Barbara Liskov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Mynatt, Georgia Institute of Technology

Gin Bacon Talati, CSTB
Shenae Bradley, CSTB

Jon Eisenberg, Director, CSTB