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Workshop on IT, Automation, and the U.S. Workforce

Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom M. Mitchell, Co-chairs

Open Session
NAS Building
2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W. 
Washington, D.C.  20418
(NAS Lecture Room)



8:00 AM Breakfast Available

8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction
Erik Brynjolfsson, Schussel Family Professor, the Sloan School, MIT
Tom M. Mitchell, E. Fredkin University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Committee Co-chairs


8:45 AM Current and Emerging Technological Capabilities
Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Director, Microsoft Research-Redmond Lab, Moderator
Gill Pratt, Executive Technical Director, Toyota
Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research
Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist, Baidu Research (remotely)

10:00 AM Break

10:20 AM IT and Automation in the Workplace
Ruth Milkman, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, City University of New York Graduate Center,
Diane Bailey, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
David Rolf, International Vice President, Service Employees International Union
Judy Wajcman, Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics
Sree Ramaswamy, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute


11:35 AM New Modalities of Work
Stephen R. Barley, Richard W. Weiland Professor of Management,
Stanford University, Moderator
Byron Auguste, Managing Director, Opportunity@Work
Sara Horowitz, Founder and Executive Director, Freelancer’s Union
Stephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork
Tess Posner, Managing Director, Samaschool


12:50 PM Lunch

2:15 PM Education, Workforce Development, and Equal Opportunity
Barrett Caldwell, Professor of Industrial Engineering,
Purdue University, Moderator
Heidi Shierholz, Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Labor
Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Policy, White House Office of Science and
Technology Policy
David Autor, Associate Department Head, Department of Economics,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yscaira Jimenez, CEO, LaborX

3:30 PM Break

3:45 PM Data Sources and Needs
John Haltiwanger, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
College Park, Moderator
Erica Groshen, Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Yoav Shoham, Professor (emeritus), Stanford University and Principal Scientist, Google
Dan Restuccia, Chief Analytics Officer, Burning Glass

5:00 PM Discussion of Societal Challenges and Research Pathways
Committee Co-chairs

5:30 PM Reception
Great Hall


If you're interested in attending this event, please register here.