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Workforce Needs in Information Technology


 Building a Workforce for the Information Economy (2001)
As the economy comes to depend on IT, the availability of IT workers has become a question of national importance. This report presents in one place a wide range of information useful for understanding IT workforce issues while explaining the shortcomings of that information and the range of inferences that can and cannot be made from it.

Project Scope

Undertaken at the request of the U.S. Congress, this study will examine U.S. high-technology workforce needs over the next ten years, with emphasis on workforce needs in information technology (IT). This final report will provide a framework for considering workforce needs in information technology and in similar sectors undergoing rapid technical change, examining trends in biotechnology for contrast, and including industrial, governmental educational, and individual strategies for achieving and maintaining an adequate supply of skilled workers.

Committee Members

Alan G. Merten, George Mason University, Chair
Burt Barnow, Johns Hopkins University, Vice Chair
Eileen Appelbaum, Economic Policy Institute
Sarah Kuhn, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Joel Moses, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patricia Murray, Intel Corporation
James L. Outtz, Outtz and Associates
Roy Radner, New York University
Cecilia E. Rouse, Princeton University
Ira Rubinstein, Microsoft Corporation
Peter Saflund, Northwest Center for Emerging Technologies
Jan Schultz, IDX Corporation
Joseph Smialowski, BankBoston (Resigned from committee in Nov 1999)
Eric Tomlinson, TheScientificWorld Inc.
Ernst Volgenau, SRA International Inc.
Helen M. Wood, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and IEEE Computer Society


Herb Lin, Senior Scientist (Study Director)
Gail Pritchard, Program Officer
Margaret Huynh, Senior Project Assistant
Marjory S. Blumenthal, Executive Director


National Science Foundation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration