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The Social Security Administration's E-Government Strategy and Planning for the Future


 Social Security Administration Electronic Service Provision: A Strategic Assessment
The Social Security Administration (SSA) faces significant ongoing change in technology, demographics, and public expectations as it carries out its activities, services, and interactions with a variety of user communities. This report examines the SSA’s proposed e-government strategy and provides advice on how the SSA can best deliver services to its user communities in the future

Project Scope

In this project, CSTB will examine the Social Security Administration's (SSA's) proposed e-government strategy and provide advice on supporting information technology applications and delivering online services to its constituencies. Drawing on 2-3 data-gathering meetings that would include briefings from the SSA and other government and private sector organizations that provide electronic services to the public, the committee will prepare a brief reviewed report to the SSA that discusses issues including:

  • SSA’s current e-government strategy, including technological assumptions, performance measures and targets, planned operational capabilities, strategic requirements, and future goals.
  • Strategies, assumptions, and technical and operational requirements in comparable public and private sector institutions, and their implications for SSA.
  • Ongoing efforts to define and refine the SSA’s long-term strategy.

Committee Members

Lee Osterweil, chair
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Matthew Bishop
University of California, Davis

Michael J. Carey
BEA Systems, Inc.

David J. DeWitt
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Valerie Gregg
University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute

Blaise Heltai
New Vantage Partners

Stephen H. Holden
Touchstone Consulting Group

Larry Massanari
Social Security Administration (retired)

Judith S. Olson
University of Michigan


Lynette I. Millett, Senior Program Officer
Joan D. Winston, Program Officer
Janice Sabuda, Senior Program Assistant

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