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Review of the FBI Program for IT Modernization


 A Review of the FBI's Trilogy Information Technology Modernization Program This report addresses architectural, technical, and management issues related to the bureauís Trilogy computer program, which aims to establish a high-speed network and user interface for all agents to use in organizing, accessing, and analyzing information.
 Letter Report to the FBI This letter report responds to updated information about recent activities at the FBI that was presented to the Committee during the May 20 briefing of its report A Review of the FBI's Trilogy IT Modernization Program.

Project Scope

On September 4-5, 2002, the CSTB convened individual experts to meet and hold discussions with the FBI on its plans for its Trilogy information technology modernization program, which was planned to support law enforcement needs. The FBI has since requested the NRC to conduct a study to examine, assess, and prepare a report on the FBI's response to the inputs provided in the course of that two-day meeting.

The NRC will appoint an ad hoc committee to convene two data-gathering meetings with the FBI and produce a brief reviewed report to the FBI on the adequacy of their modernization plans in light of the September 4-5 meeting and their future plans for addressing its new counterterrorism mission. The first of these meetings would examine what the FBI has done or plans to do with respect to Trilogy per se as the result of the inputs from October 27-28; the second meeting, six months later, would examine and assess what actually happened in the intervening 6 months and what difficulties are foreseen by the FBI at that time.

Committee Members

James C. McGroddy, Integrated Surgical Systems, chair
Ed Balkovich, RAND
Rich Baseil, MITRE Corporation
Matt Blaze, AT&T Laboratories
W. Earl Boebert, Sandia National Laboratories
Marc Donner, Morgan Stanley
Michael McGill, McGill Associates and Walsh College
James Noga, Massachusetts General Hospital
Carl G. O'Berry, The Boeing Company
Ken Orr, The Ken Orr Institute
James Patton, MITRE Corporation
Mark Seiden, Cutter Consortium
George Spix, Microsoft Corporation
Charles E. Stuart, Competitive Enterprise Solutions, LLC
Gio Wiederhold, Stanford University


Herb Lin, Study Director
Kristen Batch, Associate Program Officer


Federal Bureau of Investigation