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CSTB Annual Convening on Research Horizons


 Looking Over the Fence at Networks: A Neighbor's View of Networking Research
This report is the result of a new approach by CSTB to developing research agendas in key areas of information technology: a small workshop in which more than half of the attendees were researchers in other fields. The premise behind this approach was that working together with a smaller number of network research insiders, these outsiders would function much like a visiting committee, providing a fresh perspective on research topics and directions and helping to stimulate development of a strategic view of future research directions. CSTB picked networking as the subject of this board-initiated project - the first in a planned series of workshops - since it is a field that has enjoyed both success and great attention due to its most visible creation, the Internet.

Project Scope

A workshop to identify and explore promising research problems in networking was held January 23-24, 2001 in Santa Cruz, CA. The approach emphasized cross-fertilization: both people within networking and people from outside worked to identify and explore research areas and topics. The workshop convened roughly 15 experts from industry, academia, and users of networking science and technology. This workshop was the first in a planned series of annual convenings on reseach horizons in subfields of computing and communications.

A final report on the results of this workshop will be released as a brief National Research Council consensus report and further dissemination is planned through appropriate conferences.

Committee Members

David Patterson, Chair, University of California at Berkeley
David Clark, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Anna Karlin, University of Washington
Jim Kurose, University of Massachusetts
Edward D. Lazowska, University of Washington
David Liddle, U.S. Venture Partners
Derek McAuley, Microsoft Research
Vern Paxson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stefan Savage, Asta Networks
Ellen Zegura, Georgia Institute of Technology


Jon Eisenberg, Senior Program Officer (Study Director)
Margaret Huynh, Senior Project Assistant
Marjory S. Blumenthal, Director


Private Core Support