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Planning Meeting on Information Technology and the States: Public Policy and Public Interests

Project Scope

This activity is the first, planning phase for an anticipated comprehensive project that will assess issues arising from expanding and foreseeable investments in information technology at the state level. For this activity, staff of the National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) will conduct background research into the nature of state information technology (IT) planning and investment, consult widely with experts across the country and in a range of disciplines, and focus on experiences in a few states. They will review the relevant literature, identify key state-level players and analysts, and conduct a series of interviews with key players. Up to two mini-workshop meetings will allow for broader discussion of issues and collection of inputs, and additional input will be solicited electronically and through professional networking, with outreach to professional organizations (e.g., NASCIO), the academic research community, and public interest advocacy groups. This research will lead to a refined set of study questions and insights into the nature, mix, and candidates for the study committee that will be empanelled for the second phase. They will be documented in a brief summary plus an elaborated proposal for the second-phase effort. This project is sponsored by the Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program of the Ford Foundation.

Detailed Project Description (115KB PDF)

Committee Members

Leon J. Osterweil, chair
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Linda P.B. Katehi
John A. Edwardson, Dean of Engineering, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University


Charles N. Brownstein, Director
Laura Ost, Consultant
Janice Sabuda, Senior Project Assistant

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Ford Foundation