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Information Technology and Creativity


 Beyond Productivity: Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity examines the dynamic intersection of information technology with the world of the arts and design. This intersection has already yielded results of significant cultural and economic value, including innovative architectural and product designs, computer animated films, computer music, computer games, interactive art installations, cross-cultural experimentation, and Web-based texts. However, many opportunities for new collaborative ventures remain to be explored. (2003)

Project Scope

This 18-month project will convene a range of people from the computer science and arts communities to explore issues at their intersection. Advances in the underlying disciplines and associated applications, development of transdisciplinary thinking and activity, and the evolving institutional environment will be addressed. The committee will address both technical and contextual (e.g., institutional environment, funding) issues, and it will compile its observations and develop recommendations for mechanisms that would enable and sustain productive cross-disciplinary collaboration in a report.

Committee Members

William Mitchell, Chair
School of Architecture and Planning

Steve Abrams
Manager, Computer Music Center
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Michael Century
Chair, Department of Arts
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

James Crutchfield
Research Professor
Santa Fe Institute

Chris Csikszentmihalyi
Assistant Professor
Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Roger Dannenberg
Senior Research Computer Scientist
Carnegie Mellon University

Toni Dove
Independent Artist

Katherine Hayles
Professor of English
English Department
University of California, Los Angeles


Alan S. Inouye, Senior Program Officer (Study Director)
Jennifer M. Bishop, Program Associate
Margaret Huynh, Senior Program Assistant
Charles N. Brownstein, Director
Laura Ost, Consultant
David Walczyk, Consultant

JC Herz
Joystick Nation

Natalie Jeremijenko
Faculty of Engineering
Yale University

John Maeda
Sony Career Development Professor of Media Arts & Sciences
Assoc. Prof. of Design & Computation
The Media Lab/MIT

David Salesin
Associate Professor
University of Washington & Microsoft
Computer Science & Engineering

Lillian Schwartz
Independent Consultant

Phoebe Sengers
Research Scientist
Cornell University

Barbara Stafford
Dept. of Art History
University of Chicago



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