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The Future of Supercomputing


 The Future of Supercomputing: An Interim Report This report provides a preliminary outline of the state of U.S. supercomputing today, the needs for the future, and the factors that contribute to meeting those needs.
 Getting Up to Speed: The Future of Supercomputing This report examines U.S. needs for supercomputing and recommends a long-term strategy for government support of high-performance computing research and development. The report concludes that the demands for supercomputing to strengthen U.S. defense and national security cannot be satisfied with current policies and levels of spending. The federal government should provide stable, long-term funding and support multiple supercomputing hardware and software vendors in order to give scientists and policy-makers better tools to solve problems in areas such as intelligence, nuclear stockpile stewardship, and climate change.

Project Scope

The committee will assess the status of supercomputing in the United States, including the characteristics of relevant systems and architecture research in government, industry, and academia and the characteristics of the relevant market. The committee will examine key elements of context--the history of supercomputing, the erosion of research investment, the needs of government agencies for supercomputing capabilities--and assess options for progress. Key historical or causal factors will be identified. The committee will examine the changing nature of problems demanding supercomputing (e.g., weapons design, molecule modeling and simulation, cryptanalysis, bioinformatics, climate modeling) and the implications for systems design. It will seek to understand the role of national security in the supercomputer market and the long-term federal interest in supercomputing. An interim report will be delivered July, 2003. The committee's work will culminate in a report of its assessment, including recommendations, which will be disseminated in relevant segments of government, industry, and the academic research community

Committee Members

Susan L. Graham, co-chair
University of California, Berkeley
Computer Science Division-EECS

Marc Snir, co-chair
Professor and Head of Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Computer Science

William J. Dally
Stanford University

James Demmel
University of California, Berkeley
Computer Science Division

Jack J. Dongarra
Distinguished Professor
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Kenneth S. Flamm
Dean Rusk Chair in International Affairs
University of Texas at Austin
Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Mary Jane Irwin
A. Robert Noll Chair of Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Charles Koelbel
Research Scientist
Rice University

Butler W. Lampson
Distinguished Engineer
Microsoft Corporation


Cynthia A. Patterson, Program Officer and Study Director
Margaret Huynh, Senior Project Assistant
Herbert S. Lin, Senior Scientist

Robert Lucas
Director, Computational Sciences
University of Southern California
Information Sciences Institute

Paul C. Messina
Distinguished Senior Computer Scientist
Argonne National Laboratory (part-time)

Jeffrey Perloff
University of California, Berkeley

William H. Press
Laboratory Senior Fellow
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Albert J. Semtner
Naval Post Graduate School
Oceanography Department

Scott Stern
Associate Professor
Northwestern University

Shankar Subramaniam
University of California, San Diego
Departments of Bioengineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Lawrence Tarbell, Jr.
Deputy Director
Technology Futures Office
Eagle Alliance

Steven J. Wallach
Vice President of Technology
Chiaro Networks


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