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Planning Meeting on Fundamental Research Challenges in Computer Graphics

Project Scope

CSTB will assemble a group of approximately 25 people to conduct a 2-day exploratory planning meeting to identify compelling research needs in computer graphics, highlighting those that promise significant returns to due the scope, scale, or breadth of their potential applications. The planning meeting will examine research needs in both core areas of computer graphics (such as modeling and rendering) and in application areas such as defense, entertainment, medicine, manufacturing, and scientific visualization to identify those research areas that can be leveraged broadly. No written report will be generated and no consensus findings or recommendations will be sought. A study proposal will be developed.

The experts convened by CSTB will consider such questions as: (1) what is computer graphics? (2) what technical advances and research are required to enable computer graphics to serve a growing range of needs? (3) what unsolved problems remain within the field of computer graphics and are they being adequately addressed? (4) what new capabilities do advanced computing and communications provide that may drive computer graphics applications? (5) how can the most promising research issues be best addressed? (6) what are the complementary roles of industry, government, and universities in meeting future challenges? (7) what are the benefits of research in different areas of computer graphics?

Committee Members

More detailed participant biographies (154K PDF) are also available.

*Elaine Cohen (Chair)
University of Utah

Eugene Fiume
University of Toronto

Jim Foley
Georgia Tech

*Don Greenberg
Cornell University

*Pat Hanrahan
Stanford University

Chuck Hansen
University of Utah

Jessica Hodgins
Carnegie Mellon

Chris Johnson
University of Utah

Jim Kajiya
Microsoft Research

*David Kirk

Ming Lin
UNC, Chapel Hill

Leonard McMillan
UNC, Chapel Hill

*Cynthia Patterson

Rich Riesenfeld
University of Utah

Holly Rushmeier
IBM Research

John Staudhammer
National Science Foundation

Demetri Terzopoulos
New York University

Jim Thomas
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Andries Van Dam
Brown University

Ross Whitaker
University of Utah

Turner Whitted
Microsoft Research

Michael Zyda
The MOVES Institute

* = Steering Committee


Cynthia Patterson, Program Officer (Study Director)
Janice Sabuda, Senior Project Assistant
Brandye Williams, Staff Assistant

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