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Enhancing the Internet for Medical Applications: Technical Requirements and Implementation Strategies


 Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet
Drawing on a series of site visits, this report examines ways in which the Internet can be used to support applications in clinical care, consumer health, public health, health care finance and administration, professional education, and biomedical research.

Project Scope

This project will define technical capabilities that the Internet must provide in order to support a variety of medical applications. It will identify likely health care applications of the Internet; examine their demands for such characteristics as bandwidth, quality of service, security, and access; and recommend an appropriate strategy for implementing these capabilities in future instantiations of the Internet. An attempt will be made to distinguish those capabilities that are unique to health care applications from those more generally demanded of the Internet.

Committee Members

Edward H. Shortliffe, Chair
Professor and Chair
Department of Medical Informatics
Columbia University

Russ Biagio Altman
Associate Professor of Medicine
Section on Medical Informatics
Stanford University Medical Center

Patricia Brennan
Moehlman Bascom Professor
School of Nursing College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bruce Davie
Cisco Systems

William Detmer
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Health Evaluation Sciences
University of Virginia School of Medicine

Valerie Florance
Project Director
Association of American Medical Colleges

Andrew Friede
Physician Executive
Cerner Corporation

Mark Frisse
Vice President
Express Scripts, Inc.


Jerry R. Sheehan, Senior Program Officer (Study Director)
Rita Gaskins, Project Assistant
Michelle Rodgers Rodriguez, Senior Project Assistant
Marjory S. Blumenthal, Executive Director


National Library of Medicine


John Glaser
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.

John Huffman
Chief Technology Officer
Stentor, Inc.

Isaac Kohane
Director, Informatics Program
Children's Hospital

Carl Landwehr
Senior Fellow
Mitretek Systems

Daniel R. Masys
Director of Biomedical Informatics
University of California at San Diego
School of Medicine

Jane E. Sisk
Department of Health Policy
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Thorsten Von Eicken
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University